Excelsior Springs Closures – Feb 7th

Excelsior Springs Closures


Following is a list of Excelsior businesses that have announced they’re closed due to weather:

• Excelsior Springs School District #40
• Excelsior Springs Community Center – Exercise classes cancelled only. Facility remains open, regular hours
• Spring Delivery – check Facebook page Thursday for hours
• Bowman Family Chiropractic
• Noah’s Ark Christian Preschool
• Rock Falls Baptist Church
• Excelsior Springs Family Dentistry – Late start tomorrow until 10:00am
• Excelsior Springs Rotary

• Scissors and Shears Salon

• First United Methodist Church office

• Excelsior Springs Chamber

• Senior Center closed and meals won’t be delivered Thursday

• Excel Nutrition opening at 10am

• Tri-County Mental Health Services opening at noon

• Clay County Public Health Department opening at noon

• Clay County Office’s opening at noon

• Excelsior Springs Community Center delayed opening – check Facebook Page for updates – swim lessons cancelled for this evening

• Annie’s Furniture

• Mid-Continent Public Library opening at 10am

• Excelsior Springs Job Corps – non-training day

• Ventana Gourmet Grill

• Broadway Toyz

• Silver Strikers League and Thursday Night Mixed League at Tiger Bowl

• Willow Spring Mercantile

• New Age Skincare Spa

• Bliss

• Opportunity Cafe opening at 10am

• Rustik Redo

• Tiger Cuts

• Boulevard Florist

• Main Spring Art Gallery

• Dubious Claims Brewery

• Family Vision Center

If you want to add your closure to this list, please message Courtney Cole.

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Excelsior’s Annual Chocolate Tour

This weekend we celebrated the Downtown Excelsior Partnership’s Annual chocolate tour! Ticket holders sample chocolates and shop at businesses in the downtown historic district. Tickets are limited to 400 and every year it is sold out!

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How to Help Excelsior Springs

I’m often contacted by local citizens asking about ways to get involved. There’s so much happening here that becoming active is relatively easy. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

1. Be an Advocate for Excelsior Springs

I can’t help but get irritated when I see Excelsior citizens talking smack on the town. This is OUR town! We should take pride in it and what happens here. We aren’t doing anything to help by tearing it down publicly, though. If anything, it undoes the work that so many here are doing to make this the best place to be. If there are problems of some kind, get involved by personally meeting with those that you have a problem with. Go to them in person before taking your argument to social media. That’s the respectful thing to do and something you would want your neighbor to do for you.

When someone asks about Excelsior Springs, tell them about all the great things happening here annually now. There are parades/festivals/events every month throughout the year. Invite them to come for a visit and send them our city’s tourism website that gives them all the info they’ll need to play a great stay ——> www.visitexcelsior.com

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 6.30.22 PM

2. Shop Local

For every $100 you spend locally, $68 stays local. When you shop at a national chain, only $43 stays locally. By buying local, you are stimulating the local economy, becoming a part of local job growth, and conserve tax dollars by keeping sales tax dollars where you live.

Take a picture and make a post when you’re in a local business or at a local event. Someone that does a great job with this is the Bill Hightower Team. They go out to eat as a company and always give the restaurant they go to a plug online! Perfect example:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 6.21.36 PM

3. Promote the Community

Talk to your friends about what’s happening in the community. When you have an opportunity to recommend Excelsior, do! If your organization is looking to have a work function or your family is having a reunion, ask that they come to Excelsior!

On social media, click “like” on local posts, share info that will be helpful to the community, and leave positive comments that others can see. When you see good things happening in the community, share with the area news organizations. Sharing a post is so easy on Facebook! Help get the word out about what’s going on by giving our community a plug whenever you can! Also, if you’re making a post, use the hashtag #eslocal so that it shows up in a search. Type #eslocal into the search bar on any social media platform to pull up others posts about our town.


4. Leave Good Reviews

Most businesses are located online in places that you can leave a review. Visit your favorite Excelsior pages at sites like Yelp! or Facebook and leave a positive review. This helps boost their visibility online and works as an endorsement for others that might be considering that shop.

Here are some examples of great reviews left for Dubious Claims downtown:

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 6.42.58 PM

5. Volunteer

There are a number of community organizations and events taking place throughout the year that need your help. If you have a place of business or group looking to get involved, there are opportunities for multiple people to get active, too. Check out how to volunteer for organizations within the community:

City of Excelsior Springs

The City has several boards and commissions that citizens are needed to serve on each year. Choose from Board of Zoning Adjustments, Capital Improvements Authority, Community Center Board, Enhanced Enterprise Zone, Hall of Waters Steering Committee, Historic Preservation Commission, Hospital Board, Housing Authority, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning Commission, Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee, Special Road District, and Tax Increment Financing Commission. If you want to serve the city on a board or committee, click here for the volunteer application. 

Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce

You don’t have to be a member of the Chamber in order to volunteer for their annual activities! They have a whole list of committees and event planning groups that you can join or be involved in. Examples include the Chamber’s Annual Dinner and Auction, choosing award winners for annual recognitions for both business and the community, Economic Development, Professional Development, Finance, Marketing/Tourism, Membership, Trolley, Waterfest, and the West Side Committee. Click here to learn more and submit your name to volunteer.

Downtown Excelsior Partnership

The Downtown Excelsior Partnership (DEP) is an organization that builds support to our downtown. There are a number of committees that you can get involved in to make a difference to our community’s economy: Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion, Website, and Organization. Click here for more details.

Other organizations that are in need of help throughout the year include the Good Samaritan Center, Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation, Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation Department, Excelsior Springs Senior Center, Meet the Need, Elementary and Middle School Booster Clubs, After Prom, Excelsior Springs Hospital, and more! Click on each name to find more information.

6. Serve

If you want to go beyond volunteering, there are a number of boards and commissions throughout the city that could use your help! Try serving on a city board. I encourage you to attend meetings of organizations you’re interested in before running for a board position, though. Familiarize yourself not only with the issues that particular board is facing, but also to develop good relationships with those you will be serving with. That’s important so your time spent on the board or commission is most effective.

7. Pay Your Taxes

Something that is expected of us all is to pay our taxes, but it goes beyond just meeting a requirement set. Paying your taxes helps to care for our community’s infrastructure, schools, and public services. Paying your taxes means playing a larger role in a collective good. With all of us working together, we can do great things.

I brag on Excelsior Springs every chance I get. My entire life I have loved this town and the people in it. We have such a unique community. Despite it growing, it still feels small. Those who are outside looking in describe us as a community that cares for each other. We take care of one another when there are hardships like fires or loss of a loved one. Our circles are tight and our hearts are full of love. To me, that’s something worth supporting. I hope you’ll join me!


Snow Saturday in Excelsior Springs

Couldn’t resist not getting outside to see Excelsior Springs in what looks like a snow globe today! Of course I took some pics for all those staying in for today.

Jason drove me all through the downtown, where I saw several stores and restaurants open! Some that I noticed open were: Broadway Bar & Grill, Atlas Saloon, Ventana Gourmet Grill, Main Spring Art Gallery, Fishing River Market, Dubious Claims Brewery, and Bluebird Couture.

11 Things You Can Always Find At Excelsior Springs’ It’s $5

I still have folks asking me about the store that opened last November called It’s $5, located on North Jesse James Road in the old Excelsior Trade Fair building. Yesterday, I spoke with Felecia Cole, the owner of the business, and she said she still has people coming in the store who say they had no idea it was here! So I thought I would put together a compilation of some of the things that I often see that are available, in case you haven’t yet been in to visit!

1. Rock Salt Lamps


You may have to get a light to go under so it glows, but for $5 or less, the Rock Salt lamp makes a cool addition to your house or workspace!

2. Cell Phone Accessories

There are literally thousands of phone accessories in these two bins, something for every cell phone owner.

3. Cell Phone Bracket Holder for Vehicle


These just suction onto your windshield and you can clip your phone in. I find it handy when I don’t know where I’m going and am following directions, making it easy to glance over and still keep two hands on the wheel.

4. Sofa, Loveseat, and Chair Covers

If you need a new look for your sofa, loveseat, or chair, this is your place! All different kinds of colors, styles, and sizes. There are also window curtains and shower curtains, too! My friend found rugs for all her bathrooms for $2.50 each one day!

5. Party Supplies


When it comes to throwing a party, It’s $5 has all you would need! You can usually find balloons, fairy lights, and holiday novelty items of all kinds. There are also photo backdrops, invitation/thank you cards, and kids themed birthday goodie bag accessories.

6. Backpacks


If you could use a new backpack, for $5 you can usually find some nice, high quality backpacks and bags. My husband found me a great work bag for only $2.50 and I use it everyday.

7. Baby Items


You can find all kinds of cute towels, kids clothes, and baby items. There are changing pads, accessories for mothers that are breast feeding, and diaper bags. Good stuff for a lot less! Great for baby showers!

8. Picture Frames

Lots of nice picture frames in all sizes can be found there, too!

9. Office Supplies

For teachers and office workers, there are all kinds of office supplies that can be found at the It’s $5! A great time to go would be on Wednesday or Thursday when items are as low as fifty cents!

10. Lamps and Lightbulbs


Add some light to your office or home space with lamps of all kinds! There are also tons of LED lightbulbs that will last a long time!

11. Man Gifts


I saw almost every guy in the store carrying around one of these cap brackets to clean your hats in your dishwasher! If you’re looking for something for a man, you can find all kinds of things. There are also footballs, playing card shufflers, exercise equipment, and tools!


Hours according to their Facebook Page:

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 12.33.56 PM

Saturday and Sunday all items are just $5 each.

Monday all items in store are 2 for $5.
Tuesday all items in store are 3 for $5.
Wednesday all items in store are 5 for $5.
Thursday all items in the store are 10 for $5!
Closed Friday for restock



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Friday Inspiration

Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration, sometimes even catastrophe. So keep going.

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ESHS Transformed Into Egyptian Temple

Excelsior Springs High School Art Appreciation classes have transformed their hallway into an Egyptian Temple that looks amazing! Rebecca Ryan and Sherie Renne’s students have done a great job of making one feel like they are in the middle of a pyramid! Have a look:

New Excelsior Springs Library

Many thanks to all who supported Proposition L. The funding from the measure has paid for a renovation of our old library, expanding and configuring new technologies throughout the entire space. On Wednesday, December 5th a grand opening was held where multiple community leaders were invited to speak.

12 Christmas Events in Excelsior Springs

Christmas in Excelsior Springs
One of the things that Excelsior does best is Christmas! This season, there is a whole list of upcoming Christmas events taking place here in town. See below for a list and click on each for more info!

1. Hall of Trees


The Hall of Trees inside the historic Hall of Waters, 201 E. Broadway, will be open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 4:45pm. Open throughout the holiday season with beautifully and uniquely decorated Christmas trees on display surrounding the world’s longest mineral water bar.

Click here for more information.

2. Lane of Lights

The Lane of Lights is located along Lovers Lane in East Valley Park and is open through December 31. The Christmas Committee has created this lighted drive-through holiday display to give families and friends a destination on cold winter evenings. It’s a great way to top off or start an evening out to dinner or the movies, the school holiday performance or your family get-together. Admission by donation. The Christmas Committee partners with local organizations for this fundraising event.

November 30-December 31 – Open daily 5:30pm-10:00pm (Fridays and Saturdays) and 5:30pm-9:00pm (Sundays through Thursdays)

Click here for more information.

3. Holiday Homes Tour


Visit 5 beautifully decorated homes on December 1 from noon to 6:00pm. Regular tickets are $10 in advance and are available here. Tickets that include trolley transportation are $15 in advance and are available here: Noon Tour,  2pm Tour3pm Tour

Click here for more information.

4. Taste of Christmas


Visit 15 Excelsior Springs businesses to enjoy tasty treats and shopping on December 8 from 1:00-4:30pm! Tickets are $15 in advance and are available here. Tickets that include trolley transportation are $20 and are available here.

Click here for more information.

5. Holly Jolly Lights Tour


See the lights of Excelsior Springs from the comfort of the Chamber Trolley!

December 8, early tour 6:00pm
December 8, late tour 7:45pm
December 15, early tour 6:00pm
December 15, late tour 7:45pm
December 22, early tour 6:00pm
December 22, late tour 7:45pm
December 24, early tour 6:00pm
December 24, late tour 7:45pm

Click here for more information.

6. Christmastime Tour of Churches


Get tickets now for the Museum’s 2nd annual Christmastime Tour of Churches — by trolley ($15) or you drive ($10) online at www.exsmo.com/museum. Or call 630-0101 to reserve a spot on the trolley — limited seating!

Click here for more information.

7. Christmas on the Farm


Please join us for Christmas on the Farm at Watkins Woolen Mill State Park! Admission is free for the event and there will be an open house at the Watkins family home for the duration of the event. Activities at the home will include holiday caroling, reading of family letters, free samples of traditional holiday treats, flaming of the plum pudding demonstrations, and an opportunity for children to visit with Father Christmas. Activities at the visitor center will include kids crafts and live traditional holiday music.

Click here for more information.

8. Mingle and Jingle – Chamber After Hours at Broadway Bar & Grill

Click here for more information.

9. December Sketchout at Hall of Waters – Hall of Trees

Saturday, December 1st Sketch Crawl will be at the Hall of Waters, Hall of Trees exhibit in historic downtown Excelsior Springs, MO.

Theme: Holiday Trees at Hall of Trees
Location: Hall of Waters, 201 E Broadway St, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

*10:00 am meet & check-in at Main Spring Arts Gallery & Studios
*10:15-12:15 pm sketch the Hall of Trees exhibit at Hall of Waters
*Around 12:15 pm return to the check-in area to share your work and take a group photo
*Stick around afterwards and eat lunch with the group at Willow Spring Mercantile before heading out to shop or tour other locations, like the Elms Hotel

USkKC collaborated with partner location, Main Spring Arts Gallery & Studios (110 S Main Street, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024) nestled between theaters, antique shops, and boutiques that keep this town bustling.

Click here for more information.

10. Candy Cane Hunt – Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation


Click here for more information.

11. Free Pictures with Santa and Ride on the Polar Express

44672379_2235320376540293_1252368710681755648_oClick here for more information.

12. ReeceNichols Santa Event


Click here for more information!


Excelsior Springs Lane of Lights Schedule

Lane of Lights

Our Christmas Committee here in Excelsior Springs does such a fabulous job of making things nice throughout the holiday season! Something that has become quite a tradition for those living here is participating in the Lane of Lights held in Lover’s Lane Park each year. This year, the committee was even able to purchase a lighted tunnel that has been a big hit among locals!

Hours for the Lane
November 30-December 31 – Open daily 5:30pm-10:00pm (Fridays and Saturdays) and 5:30pm-9:00pm (Sundays through Thursdays)

Each night is sponsored by a local club or organization, raising money through donations to go back to their cause. Following is a list of those that we know are participating!

November 30 – Re/Max (ES School District – lunch accounts)
December 1 – 4-H2O
December 2 – Main Spring Art Gallery
December 3 – Excelsior Springs Optimists
December 4 – ESHS Band Boosters
December 5 – Ice Crushers Baseball
December 6 – Boy Scouts Troop 309
December 7 – Westview PAWS
December 8 – Cyclones Softball
December 9 – Good Samaritan Center
December 10 – VCU Youth Group – Missions to Haiti
December 11 – Cub Scout Pack 4313
December 12 – After Prom Committee
December 13 – Girl Scout Troop 3653
December 14 – Girl Scout Troop – Scarbrough
December 15 – Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce
December 16 – Lewis PALS
December 17 – Elkhorn SOS
December 18 – ReeceNichols – Claypool Team
December 19 – ReeceNichols – Halberstadt Team (proceeds to Reno Ranch Pet Rescue)
December 20 – SkillsUSA – Excelsior Springs Area Career Center
December 21 – ReeceNichols – Hightower Team (proceeds to Rebuilding Together – Clay County)
December 22 – Advance America (hosting on behalf of the ES Christmas Committee)
December 23 – Excelsior Springs Rotary Club
December 24 – ES Christmas Committee
December 26 – Stealth Baseball
December 27 – MOPS of Excelsior Springs Methodist
December 28 – Small Town Sidekicks
December 29 – Cancerkickers – Relay for Life Team
December 30 – ES Knuckleheadz Baseball

If you have others to add, please message me on Facebook or post details into our community group!

Updated: Excelsior Springs Closures

Excelsior Springs Closures

Due to the blizzard that’s been hitting our community all day, businesses have been closing early and public schools have already been closing for tomorrow. In an attempt to help, below is a list of local closings. If you see one that isn’t here, message me on Facebook or post it into the community Facebook group.

UPDATE: Closed Tuesday, November 27:
• Excelsior Springs School District
• Rockin’ Tiger Club
• Noah’s Ark Christian Preschool
• Excelsior Springs Senior Center
• AAA Senior Strength Class at Community Center
• Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives

Closed Early, Sunday, November 25:

• Drive-In Convenience King (D.I.C.K.’s)
• Y Liquor
• Tiger Bowl – Sunday Social League, Adult/Youth (Tiger Pack League) cancelled
• It’s $5
• El Maguey Mexican Restaurant
• Finders Keepers of Excelsior Springs
• Excel Nutrition
• Excelsior Springs Community Center
• Spring Delivery
• Wabash BBQ
• Lane of Lights
• Eagles Club – Ham & Beans Dinner Cancelled
• Broadway Toyz
• Mid-Continent Public Library
• Palermo’s Italian Restaurant
• Ziggy’s General Store
• Four Horses and a Dog
• Amigo’s soccer game
• Papa Murphy’s
• Main Spring Arts Gallery & Studios
• McDonald’s
•Price Chopper

Local Church Cancellations:

• Flack Memorial
• Barbee Memorial Presbyterian Church
• Excelsior Springs Church of Christ
• United Christian Presbyterian Church
• Excelsior Springs Church of the Nazarene

Closed Monday, November 26:

• Excelsior Springs School District’s Professional Development Day
• Excelsior Springs School District’s Rockin’ Tiger Club
• ESMS Lady Tiger Basketball – tournament has been moved to Wednesday the 28th and Friday the 30th. 7th grade game is at 4:00pm on Wednesday followed by the 8th grade game at 5:10pm.
• Ray’s Lunch
• Annie’s Furniture and Gifts
• Subway
• Wabash
• Opportunity Cafe



5 More Business Developments in Excelsior Springs


1. Air TV

Opposite of the License Bureau, a group called Air TV is working to move in. AirTV is a cable provider that connects a single antenna with your home Wi-Fi network to seamlessly stream local channels in HD throughout your house, and even outside the home. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

2. It’s $5

These stores have been popping up all over the metro area and now Excelsior Springs has scored one! They buy in bulk returns from places like Amazon and then place them randomly in 50 bins all over the store.

Friday they’re closed to restock the store. If you’re wanting to go when it first opens on Saturday, you’ll have to draw a number. That’s so everyone gets into the store safely. Everything is $5 each on Saturday and Sunday. Monday you get 2 items for $5. Tuesday is 3 items for $5. Then Wednesday is 5 items for $5 and Thursday is 10 items for $5!

My family has already found multiple Christmas gifts and random things we love but would never have bought otherwise. Click here for their Facebook page.

3. Fishing River Market

Where Olde Towne Mall used to be there is a new flea market called the Fishing River Market. I think what I love most, besides the unique finds you’ll find inside, is that they removed the concrete cinder blocks to open the windows all along the front. It completely changes the appearance of Thompson, a street that has had its challenges in ambiance and atmosphere in the past. Definitely check this place out if you’re into antiquing! Ribbon cutting on November 29th! Click here for their Facebook page.

4. Palermo’s Italian Restaurant

The Morina Family have moved to town and have opened an Italian restaurant where the old El Maguey’s was located. They have fresh garlic bread daily and their portion size is amazing! Definitely try the pizza! Click here for their Facebook page.

5. Aldi’s

Everyone’s a buzz about the new Aldi, which is set to open in early 2019. What I love most is that they’re keeping all their current employees and going to be hiring more sometime this winter. Watch for those announcements for when you can apply online. The new store is sure to be more spacious and will be the newest design for Aldi’s nationwide.

For more info on newest business developments in Excelsior, be sure to check out this article, too:

5 New Business Developments in Excelsior Springs

5 Things Excelsiorites Want the Community to Know

Our community group gets a LOT of messages sounding off on any particular subject. Many times it is clear that the post has been written while the resident is still upset or angry. We don’t allow folks to sound off or put someone in their place.

The following are messages that have been generalized, taking the emotions out so the point is made.

1. Have a “Stranger Danger” conversation with your kids.

Unfortunately, creeps are everywhere folks, so when your kids are without you, they need to know some things they should do if they feel they are in danger.

I remember my parents and I had a code word that only we knew. If someone else picked me up and didn’t know the code word, I wasn’t to go with them. My code word was rainbow. I was six years old when I chose my code word and I still remember it to this day. That’s how much impact my parents left on me after our “stranger danger” talk.

2. Tell your kids rules of the road when walking to school.

Did you know there’s a proper way of walking if you’re a pedestrian having to walk in the road? You should always walk on the side with oncoming traffic, so you can see what’s coming toward you and they can see you.

This year there are more kids walking to school than in years past. Please talk to your kids about staying out of the road as much as possible and if they do have to walk in the road, to walk on the side with cars coming toward them.

Also, if you’re a parent with these concerns, reach out to the school district because they will follow up with crossing guards and the school.

3. Stop for School Bus Stop Signs

If you are driving and see a school bus with red or yellow lights flashing and a sign out that says stop, you must stop driving. I’ve seen several posts lately concerned because folks aren’t stopping when the bus is unloading kids. That’s against the law and could end tragically.


5. Check the due date on your water bill.

One Excelsiorite believes the due date may have changed on our water bills and moved up. Check your bill to make sure you’ve paid on time. Also, consider setting up automatic withdrawal so you don’t have to worry about missing any!

Now Hiring in Excelsior Springs

List of businesses in the Excelsior Springs area that are hiring right now. Some linked with more details.

Apple Bus Company – apply at 1004 S. Marietta or call 816-630-9939. Will provide paid training and able to bring your children to work with you.

Fiskars – $15/hour with benefits. Go through Flexible Staffing in Excelsior and get hired after a month.

Excelsior Springs Nursing and Rehab – apply in person at 1004 Meadowlark Lane or online at excelsiorspringsnursing.com. CNAs and NAs. Will pay for CNA class. Also has Nursing Scholarship Program to help further education.

Tiger Bowl – all positions. Ideal for 18 or 19 year olds. Evenings and weekends. Apply in person.

EZ Quick Lube – full-time driver. Apply in person.

Wal-Mart – CAP teams, overnight stockers, cashiers. Apply online Walmart.com/apply

Dollar General

The Elms Hotel & Spa

Ventana Gourmet Grill – prep cook. Apply in person at 117 W Broadway

Broadway Bar & Grill – Fry cook

LSC Communications – through Addeco

Red Cross – long term delivery drivers

LMV Automotive – apply with Prostaff

Valley Manor and Rehab – CNA, CMT, LPN, Cook

AtWork Personnel Services – next to Subway in Crown Hill Plaza or 816-630-0942

Goody’s – Crown Hill Plaza

Pizza Hut – drivers, cooks, and servers. Fill out application online at jobs.pizzahut.com or call the store for questions at 816-630-6026.

Excelsior Sonic Drive-In

OPAA! Food Services – in all schools. Get application at main office or call 816-637-0119

National Guard – David White, 816-520-4754 – Must be 17-35, no felonies, possess High school diploma or GED, in good physical and mental shape. $20k sign on bonus.

Focus Healthcare Solutions in Kearney

Talented Tots in Kearney – $10/hour

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Liberty Sport Clips

DMA Construction, LLC

Don’t see your business listed but you’re hiring? Email or message Courtney at courtneysummercole@gmail.com and give her the details you want to include!

Excelsior Springs Veteran Events

Monday is Veteran’s Day but Excelsior Springs will be celebrating all weekend with lots of opportunities for our veterans and their families to participate in.

Saturday, November 10th

10:00am – ES Elk’s Lodge

Sunday, November 11th

10:45am – Barbee Memorial Presbyterian Church

1:00pm – Applebee’s

2:00pm-6:00pm – Eagles Aeries #3917, Appreciation Dinner, free with military id, all others $5 pre-meal


8:00am-10:00am – Walmart – Free Breakfast

8:20am-9:00am – Elkhorn Elementary Veteran’s Day Assembly

9:00am – Westview Elementary Veteran’s Day Assembly

9:00am – Lewis Elementary Veteran’s Day Assembly

12:00pm-1:00pm – ESHS in PAC Veteran’s Day Assembly

5 New Business Developments in Excelsior Springs



If you don’t know it already, The Mug coffeeshop has moved from the downtown to the west side in the Vintage Shopping Center. There you can find them in a much more spacious place with even a drive-thru window! There are still all the pastries, scones, and donuts inside! Be sure to ask for the Apple Cider, in season right now!


The McElwee’s have done a good job restoring the old Brunke Hardware on Thompson Ave. Rumor has it that once it is finished, our beloved Bliss will be moving there from Broadway! 29137011_10156152436459501_2528649690438696960_o

Watch for the Thompson Ave corner to really change when the Excelsior Springs Chamber gets fully moved in to the old Sports and More store. The front parking is big enough for the trolley!


City Councilman Brent McElwee has taken on the old Buckley Hotel across from the police department downtown. He’s restoring this historic building into a bed and breakfast!

The Wheeler’s are ready for their debut with their toy store Broadway Toyz! They had a sneak peek during the Pumpkins and Mums Festival, showing us the type of products that will be carried. Unique finds and quality toys like Melissa and Doug will be for sale. Love that it’s right across from Bobkorn so kids can get their fill of fun in one area of downtown!

Stay tuned…I’ll be featuring another 5 soon! Glad to see so much economic development and improvements being made to town!


Spent the morning with the National marketing firm for Job Corps touring campus and taking pictures.

Had a meeting for the homeless efforts at the Good Samaritan Center and couldn’t resist stopping to grab a picture of this beautiful tree!

This afternoon I got to see Romeo wearing his Fall decor at Molly Roberts Studio! Aunt Molly has her whole studio filled with fun Autumn and Halloween items!

When I got home I found my daughter Mackenzie working on a school project. She’s been busy making videos of her animations lately. She amazes me.

Mysterious Orbs Over Excelsior Springs Area Explained!


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait it’s…we don’t know!

Around noon today looking north of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, we could see an extremely bright white orb in the sky. It didn’t move for over 6 hours. Then later in the evening, a second orb appeared, not far from the first. Due to cloud coverage, we are unable to tell if they can be seen in the dark.

Multiple news services and local weather forecasters jumped into the discussion after receiving multiple calls. There have been at least three explanations, but we are still waiting for it to be confirmed. Check out the reasons given and some local posts concerning the incident below!

1. Explanation 1 – Weather Balloons

The first explanation that I heard was that they were weather balloons. After seeing the other reports, I don’t think they’re that far off with this being the case. However, when the National Weather Service was contacted, they reported that they didn’t know what they were.


2. Explanation 2 – Google Loon Project

The next explanation that was given was that it was Google with their Loon Project, which helps provide Internet to rural areas. Google, however, said that it wasn’t them. It was instead a private company called Raven Aerostar. More about them later!



Photo Credit: Flicker user: iLighter – CC by 2.0

3. Explanation 3 – DARPA

The third explanation that was given was in reference to DARPA, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. “DARPA launched three balloons from Cumberland, Maryland, in a flight test for the Adaptable Lighter Than Air Program,” said Heather Babb, spokeswoman for the Department of Defense. “ALTA will demonstrate capability for wind-borne navigation of a lighter-than-air vehicle over extended ranges.”


4. Explanation 4 – Raven Aerostar

The fourth explanation, and the one that Google gave, is that it is a private company called Raven Aerostar. If you go to their website, you can see that they have done work with the US military in the past. They’ve been launching these balloon systems that make long duration and navigational stratospheric missions. It was later confirmed here that Raven Aerostar is who DARPA is working with on the ALTA project. They are also the ones that Google works with on their Loon Project!


It also doesn’t help those of us with anxiety that at the same time this is happening, there is widespread cellular signals out throughout the region right now. A councilman from Liberty, Missouri reported that an AT&T fiber line was cut on Mill Street downtown from construction. They aren’t the only service down though. Citizens reported Cricket Wireless and Verizon Wireless are down, as well:


It’s also weird that when I check for an outage in my area, AT&T doesn’t report there being any problem:


So all you alien-enthusiasts, such as myself, there’s nothing to fear! It’s not aliens! Just our military experimenting with advanced technology. Doesn’t make me want to find my tin foil hat or anything!!

Public Details Released From Excelsior Crash Last Night

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 12.38.07 PM


The Missouri State Highway Patrol has posted the details from the crash that happened last night at approximately 10:04pm at the intersection of Highway N and Northeast 108th Street. A 2003 Chevrolet driven by Dalton Hertzberg, 18, failed to yield at a stop sign and pulled into the path of a 2000 Volkswagen driven by Luke Rojas, 28, of Shawnee, Kansas.

In the vehicle with Hertzberg were the following:

• Dalton Hertzberg, 18, sustained minor injury and was transported to Liberty Hospital, was not wearing safety device
• Leo Burns, 3 years old, sustained minor injury and was transported to Liberty Hospital, was wearing safety device
• Skylar Eaves, 18, sustained minor injury and was transported to Liberty Hospital, was not wearing safety device
• Samantha Herzig, 23, sustained minor injury and was transported to Liberty Hospital, was wearing a safety device
• Gaetan Meredith, 17, sustained moderate injury and was transported to Liberty Hospital, was not wearing safety device
• Kaeden Turner, 17, sustained serious injury and was transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital, was not wearing safety device

For full report with details, please click here.

Now Hiring – Excelsior Springs

Hiring (1)

Here are some of the latest job postings for the Excelsior Springs area:

Opaa! – Now hiring kitchen managers, cooks, and substitute kitchen staff for the Kearney, School District. Great opportunity for anyone seeking up to 5.5 hours per day, working Monday through Friday during the school year. Must be at least 18 with a HS diploma or equivalent. Opaa! offers competitive wages, merit increases, access to 401k retirement plan, advancement opportunities, free meals, and summers off. Interested applicants, please go to www.opaafood.com/careers to search for Kearney employment opportunities.

Orrick School District – Orrick School District is accepting applications immediately for a Substitute Custodian. Specific information regarding the position may be obtained by contacting Kyle Moyer, Maintenance Supervisor or Scott Archibald. Superintendent at 816-770-0094. Applications are available at orrick.k12.mo.us

Lawson Police Department – Lawson Police Dept is accepting applications for full time Police Officer until Feb. 15th. Must be POST certified. $17.50/hr, full benefits after initial training period. Application at lawsonpolice.com. Mail resume and application to PO Box 185. Lawson, MO 64062; email lawsonpd@lawsonpolice.com.

Contractors Needed to apply coatings on flat or low slope roof. No experience necessary, will train. Give a call if interested 715-447-5467.

Pizza Hut – Delivery Drivers: Pizza Hut in Excelsior Springs is hiring Delivery Drivers. Driver candidates must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and must pass an MVR. Drivers get vehicle reimbursement, incentives for accident-free driving and tips. Excellent benefits including 401k with employer match. Apply online at jobs.pizzahut.com.

Excelsior Springs Standard – Part Time, Full Time – The ES Standard is looking for a gifted, versatile writer who specializes in local community reporting. Assignments will vary, some being assigned by Managing Editor and others developed from sources of their own. Candidates must have strong writing ability and photography skills, Part-time leading to full-time based on ability. Send resume and examples of your work to: Brian Rice, brian@leaderpress.com or mail information to Excelsior Springs Standard • PO Box 70 • Excelsior Springs, MO 64024.

Flexible Staffing – Warehouse and Forklift jobs available. Located in Excelsior, Orrick and Richmond. Apply today by contacting 816-630-4600.

Excelsior Springs Job Corps – the ES Job Corps is currently seeking the following positions: Culinary Arts Instructor, Registered Nurse, Career Transition Specialist, CPP Coordinator, RN Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aid Supervisor, Academic Instructor – Substitute, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), ES Safety Officer, Academic Instructor, and Recreation Specialist. If interested, visit minactjobs.com for more information.

Lake Doniphan – Lake Doniphan Conference and Retreat Center is hiring for various part time positions. This includes Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Kitchen Staff. We are also seeking Program Staff(Lifeguards) for the summer. (We will provide Lifeguard’s with training for Certifications if required) If you have any questions please email me at : adam@lakedoniphan.com Background Checks will be required.

Tri-County Mental Health – Tri-County Mental Health Services is looking for a Prevention Specialist . Position Summary This position is responsible for coalition administrative details/oversight, program planning, implementation, and evaluation of strategies implemented under the Northland Coalition and those coalitions in Ray County, Missouri. The position is responsible for project development, community mobilizing, grant/budget management. For more information, click here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.12.20 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.09.19 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.09.42 PM Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.10.00 PM Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.10.18 PM Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.10.35 PM

Homes for Rent – Excelsior Springs

ForRent (1)

The following are home rental listings found in the Town & Country Leader for Wednesday, February 6, 2019

House for Rent: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, very clean, available March 1st, must have good references and work history. Lawson, 816-721-7030

Apartments: Excelsior Springs west side location. 1 bedroom, $435, 2 bedroom $535, 3 bedroom $575. Call 816-985-1749. No dogs.

For Rent: 814 Wilhite, Excelsior Springs, 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with basement. Central air and heat, 800/800. 816-863-8315.

For Rent: Senior Property, 1 bedroom, $463, income restrictions apply. Call Mike at Excelsior Springs Properties 816-637-8711.

Senior Citizen Housing: 1 bedroom apartment homes, 24-hour maintenance service, central laundry facilities, controlled entrance, elevator, private parking, social activities, active tenants association, community room available, pets allowed (must meet certain criteria), lending library, shopping within walking distance, and all utilities paid. Call 816-630-6600. Must be 62+ or handicapped/disabled.

Apartments: Excelsior Village Apartments has 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available. Pet friendly, Easy access to transportation, shopping, and entertainment. Call 816-630-3713.

For Rent: 2 bedroom duplex in Excelsior Springs for rent. Includes all appliances. Section 8 approved. 913-909-9827.

For Rent: Apartment Unit available, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, washer/dryer hook-up, newly remodeled. $750 per month. Call 816-332-1219.

For Rent: 2 bedroom apartment for rent. Excelsior Springs west side location. 816-838-2981

Excelsior Springs Housing Authority: Ruey Anna High Rise offers studio and 1 bedroom apartments suitable for senior residents. Filley Place Apartments is the family housing facility offering 50 apartments, and Saratoga Towers offers roomy one bedroom units. Call 816-630-7361.

Commercial Property/Office Space for Rent: One space is 950 sq ft and one space 475 sq ft. 2001 W Jesse James Rd, Excelsior Springs. Call 816-630-2520.

Contact Courtney for information to be added to this post.

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10 Fav Excelsiorite Pics of Snow

Snow Saturday in Excelsior Springs

10 Fav Excelsiorite Pics of Snow

Upon asking Excelsiorites to share their pictures of the snow, I never imagined there would be over 280! Loved seeing everyone’s adventures in our winter wonderland! Below are some of the favorites and top rated pics of the thread. Thanks to all who shared:

Connie Parson says: “My daughter, Haley Parson, took this photo this morning. She specializes in macro photography.”


Angela Liezen-Paul captured this beautiful image in Rocky Hollow…



Michelle Davis posted this one from the snow at night:


Catherine Holman captured a beautiful image of the Hall of Waters in the snow…


Katelyn Curry captured this of an evergreen…


Tracy Stokes shared her picture of a whole family of deer


April Graham’s eye for a good shot is never off



Sherrie Easter McElwee shared a gorgeous image…


And Amanda R. Nelson didn’t disappoint with this great shot…



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Excelsior Springs Closures

Excelsior Springs Closures


Following is a list of Excelsior businesses that have announced they’re closed due to weather (updated Sun., 5:45pm):

• Excelsior Springs School District #40 – closed Monday
• ES Senior Center – closed Monday
• Noah’s Ark Christian Preschool – closed Monday
• Pisgah Baptist Church – Sunday evening activities
• ESHS Lady Tiger Basketball – optional practice Monday from 12:30-2:00pm
• Ziggy’s General Store – Sunday
• Flack Memorial – Sunday service
• Grace Family Worship Center – Sunday
• Abundant Praise Fellowship – Sunday
• Siloam Spring Baptist Chapel – Sunday services
• Main Street Baptist Church – Sunday services
• First United Methodist Church of Excelsior Springs – Sunday services

If you want to add your name to this closure list, please message Courtney Cole.

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