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Questions That Have Been Asked by the Excelsior Community
The Week of September 17th


• What are the details on the car show that’s at the end of the month?

The American Legion Post 236 Car & Bike Show will be September 29, 2018. The week of the event is from Sept 25-Sept 29. The Atlas downtown will be collecting donations at the bar for veterans.



• What is going in the strip mall near McDonald’s? 

On the corner of the strip mall behind Arby’s and Applebee’s will be The Mug’s new location. The Mug will be moving from the downtown on Broadway out to the west side, with a drive-thru window, making it easy to get your coffee and treats before leaving town each morning!



• When is the dog park going to open? 

Space for the Dog Park near Century Park is being prepared. The park will be ready sometime in the Spring.

• When does the newer library re-open? 

There is no set timeframe for when the library will be open, but they’re shooting for mid-October. In the meantime, they will remain in the Hall of Waters on the second floor in the Council Chambers.

• What is going in the old Sears building? 


Terri Ritchie has announced that Thunderbird Electric Supply will be coming in. They will have a large lighting showroom and electrical counter. They will stock anything you would need for electrical material, including, but not limited to, LED lamps, switches, receptacles, etc. as well as tools. They will have a Grand Opening!! Stay tuned!!

• What is going in Excelsior Trade Fair’s building?

Half of the Trade Fair’s building will go to vendor booth space similar to Excelsior Trade Fair, however, the other half will be a $5 store, where damaged freight and returned items (from Amazon) will be stored in bins and shoppers dig around to find items that they want. The price for items drops each day thereafter. There is another store like this in Belton.

• When will the sink hole get fixed by O’Reilly’s?

Construction on the sink hole across from O’Reilly’s has begun.

• Where can I find an Excelsior Springs postcard?

There are local postcards sold at the Visitor’s Center in the Hall of Waters and at Main Spring Art Gallery downtown on the corner of Main and Spring Streets.

• When does the Trolley run?

Often you can find the Trolley running in our local festivals and on 2nd Weekends in the downtown. You can also rent the trolley for fun events like birthdays, family/class reunions, or parades. There are also a number of events throughout the year that you can buy a ticket for the trolley. There are also monthly wine tours that are very popular. For more information on the Chamber Trolley, click here to go to their Facebook page.

• What’s the best way for citizens to put an issue before the City Council if they’re unable to attend council meetings?

Most effective would be to reach out to council members in a time that works for you. You can also reach out to our City Manager Molly McGovern and she will bring your issue to the council. Our local council members:

Mayor Brad Eales
Mayor Pro Tem Sharon Powell
Former Mayor Ambrose Buckman
Councilwoman Sonya Morgan
Councilman Brent McElwee


Dear Courtney – Week of August 6th


Questions I’ve Been Asked The Week of August 6th

• How do you make a donation to the school lunch program?

There has been an account formed under the Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation that provides funding for lunch debts and other student needs. The account is called “Tiger in Need.” Individuals wanting to make a donation are encouraged to reach out to the school district.

• What will happen to the Museum and Hall of Waters now that the Museum tax didn’t pass?

We will move forward with trying to find solutions to fund the renovations that are needed at both locations. The Museum will continue to fundraise just as it always did. The City may look for private businesses to move into the space of the Hall of Waters in order to bring revenue in to cover renovation costs. If the structure is found to be unsafe, it may have to be closed off for pedestrian traffic.

• Can you explain the QT insanity to me?

For the last three years I have heard the citizens of Excelsior Springs cry out in unison for a QT to be opened here. In order to make their voices better heard, a QT campaign was launched. Each day last week the citizens were challenged to make social media posts tagging QT and asking them to come to Excelsior Springs. This was just for fun and didn’t produce very good results, other than the initial announcement that it was happening.

• Can I register my child for school online?

There is an online e-registration that parents can do, but at this point, you will need to reach out to your child’s school. Especially if your child has never attended the Excelsior Springs School District before.

• We found a new, retractable geological chart. Where should we take it?

Donor was encouraged to reach out to the middle school and high school to determine if any teachers would be interested in the maps.

• What’s going in next to Talented Tots?

Thunderbird Electric is going in to the old Feldman’s building. They will have a large lighting showroom and electrical counter. They will stock anything you would need for electrical material, including but not limited to, LED lamps, switches, receptacles, etc. as well as tools. They will have a Grand Opening. Stay tuned!

• What year did the Ball Clinic close?

The Ball Clinic building was closed in 1963. (Hat tip to Brett Vaughn for finding the answer to this!)

• Any info on the new Broadway Toy Store?

The store plans to open around Oct. 15th and will have new toys from infants up! The store is located on Broadway across the street from Bobkorn and Broadway Bar & Grill.

• What did the property off of St. Louis Avenue used to be?

It used to be rental cottages.

• Is any of our water supply from the Springs? 

Our water supply isn’t pulled from the Springs. Each of the Spring wells have been capped by Missouri DNR.

What year did the bottling of our mineral waters end? 

By 1967, the bottling operations had lost $25,000, and the city decided it was time to put the mineral waters behind them. In 2008 there was another attempt at bottling the waters, but the production demands too much to keep up with competition of other, more well-known bottled waters.

Dear Courtney – Week of July 23rd


Questions I’ve Been Asked The Week of July 23rd

• Do I have any pictures or memories of the Flood of ’93?

Surprisingly, there don’t appear to be many photos documenting the devastation of the Flood of 1993. While all of us who experienced remember our memories of the event, it doesn’t appear as though many of us took pictures, like we would all do today. The Excelsior Springs Standard is working on a 25th anniversary special of the event. If you have memories or photos that you could contribute, I know they would be grateful.

• Where can I donate baby clothes?

There are a couple of places that you can donate any clothing or household items that you wish to give away. One is downtown on Broadway at the Good Samaritan Center’s thrift store Broadway Bargains. The other place you can donate items is Meet the Need out on Jesse James Road. Both places have the same hours of Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm.

• Who runs Meet the Need?

Meet the Need is managed by Kris Peoples who is their director.

• Water Main Break

In about a 5 minute span of time, I received over 20 messages asking why their water has been turned off. Checking in with the Public Works Director Chad Birdsong, he informed me that there had been a main break, that they had closed off the valve. He also told me that everyone’s water should be back on in a matter of minutes. He was right and most of the community appreciated knowing what was going on. Thanks to the City and Chad for working hard on the break so we didn’t have to have a boil order!

• Hours for Farmers Market

Every week I’m asked multiple times if there is a Farmers Market this year. I think much of the confusion has come from changing locations for the market from the downtown to the new Community Center on Tiger Drive. For anyone wanting detailed information about the market this year, visit their Facebook event page by clicking here. They’re holding them twice a month on Saturdays starting at 8:00am.

• Schedule a watch party for upcoming elections

With the primary and general election on its way, I’ve been asked to help organize watch parties for those locally wanting to get together to see the results. This is still on my to do list to take care of. If you have any ideas of good places, let me know!

The Excelsior Springs Standard has put together an Election Guide that’s online! Click here to view!

• Best place to take school supplies that you want to donate

If you have school supply donations that you want to give to our local schools, the best thing to do would be to contact our district’s Social Worker Kim Curtis at 816-365-0350 at the Excelsior Springs Middle School. She’s organizing the Back to School Resource Fair that will take place on August 6th from 4pm to 6pm at the middle school.

• What’s going on downtown on Broadway?

There was a gas leak that happened downtown thanks to a lawn mower near the Good Samaritan Center and the Excelsior Springs School District offices that resulted in evacuations of the areas and the streets being closed for a while. Click here for more information from the Excelsior Springs Standard.

• What shops are open downtown on Sundays?

Your choices are limited when it comes to downtown stores being open on Sundays, however, you’re not completely out of luck when it comes to places to eat! Debbie’s Family Restaurant, Bobkorn Popcorn, The Mug, Willow Spring Mercantile, Wabash Barbecue, Mill Inn Restaurant, and The 88 at The Elms are some good options that are open!

For shops, be sure to check out Main Spring Gallery, Bohemiam Sage Gallery, and the Hall of Waters Visitor’s Center and Museum.

• Will I help with the alumni association newsletter?

Because I’ve just changed jobs, leaving the Educational Foundation to go to the Job Corps Center, some folks have been reaching out to see if I will continue to help with the things that I was doing. This is one of them! And yes, I will be continuing to help the alumni association for whatever they need. If you have submissions that you would like to make for the next alumni newsletter, please send the information/pictures to

• Could I help in getting volunteers for Christmas Kickoff celebrations?

Our local Christmas Committee is so committed to us having a great celebration each year. They work year round repairing light fixtures, organizing materials for the Elf Factory, recruiting local families to open their homes for the Christmas tour, and scheduling activities with other organizations, like the Lane of Lights and Trolley tours. If you are interested in helping with this committee, please let me know so I can put you in touch!

• Could I help get volunteers needed to help a local, disabled man move?

There’s a local, disabled man who is unable to lift items for him to move. We are meeting this Tuesday, July 31st at 12:30pm in the parking lot of the Early Childhood Center on Line Street to help him move. If you can give some time, please join us!

• Do I know of anyone who could train 20 employees of a local business in CPR? 

I’m currently looking for someone who might be able to come in and train a business and their employees on how to do CPR. Please keep in mind the Fall classes that are being offered by our Excelsior Springs Area Career Center. They’re taking early enrollment and have opportunities to get certifications of all kind. Click here for more information.

Leave any questions that you might have in the comments below and I will work on getting you an answer! 


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