Over 12 Events in Excelsior Springs This Week


There is a lot going on this week here in Excelsior Springs. I tried to feature two things a day for you to consider attending! Shout out definitely goes to the Christmas Committee and all the shops around town that have been busy prepping for the Christmas Kickoff this weekend!

Monday, November 12

• Veteran’s Day activities taking place all over town. Click here for a list.
• Monday Night Basic Yoga at the Community Center. Click here for more info.

Tuesday, November 13
Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.05.15 PM

• ESHS & ESMS Black and Gold Intrasquad Dual at ESHS. Click here for more info.
• Portrait Drawing at Main Spring Gallery downtown. Click here for more info.

Wednesday, November 14

• Murder Mystery Casting Call at Main Spring Gallery downtown. Click here for more info.
• Dementia Support Group at ES Hospital. Click here for more info.

Thursday, November 15

• Punch Card Challenge Group Exercise at the Community Center. Click here for more info.
• Courtney’s Community Challenge (with chance to win $100 from Billy Hale!). Click here for more info.

Friday, November 16

• Chorale Tour Concert at First United Methodist Church. Click here for more info.
• Karaoke Friday’s at the Atlas bar downtown. Click here for more info.

Saturday, November 17

• Christmas Kickoff for the community of Excelsior Springs. Click here for more info.
• Multiple events at Fence Stile Vineyards and Winery. Click here for a list.

Whatever you do, be safe and have fun, Excelsior Springs!

5 New Business Developments in Excelsior Springs



If you don’t know it already, The Mug coffeeshop has moved from the downtown to the west side in the Vintage Shopping Center. There you can find them in a much more spacious place with even a drive-thru window! There are still all the pastries, scones, and donuts inside! Be sure to ask for the Apple Cider, in season right now!


The McElwee’s have done a good job restoring the old Brunke Hardware on Thompson Ave. Rumor has it that once it is finished, our beloved Bliss will be moving there from Broadway! 29137011_10156152436459501_2528649690438696960_o

Watch for the Thompson Ave corner to really change when the Excelsior Springs Chamber gets fully moved in to the old Sports and More store. The front parking is big enough for the trolley!


City Councilman Brent McElwee has taken on the old Buckley Hotel across from the police department downtown. He’s restoring this historic building into a bed and breakfast!

The Wheeler’s are ready for their debut with their toy store Broadway Toyz! They had a sneak peek during the Pumpkins and Mums Festival, showing us the type of products that will be carried. Unique finds and quality toys like Melissa and Doug will be for sale. Love that it’s right across from Bobkorn so kids can get their fill of fun in one area of downtown!

Stay tuned…I’ll be featuring another 5 soon! Glad to see so much economic development and improvements being made to town!

5 Activities in Excelsior Springs This Week

CourtneySCole_CalendarOfEvents (2)


There are a lot of things that are going on this week here in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, but here are 5 things that you don’t want to miss coming up this week!

Tuesday, Nov. 6th – The Mid-Term Election

Find a sample ballot by clicking here, on Ballotpedia

Thursday, Nov. 8th – Annie’s Christmas Open House (Nov. 8-10)

If you’ve never been to Annie’s, this is the perfect time to! Both Jill and Joy King do a beautiful job of decorating their furniture store! Stop by during their Open House to see their new Christmas display!



Friday, November 9th – Second Friday’s in Downtown Excelsior Springs

Every Second Friday in Downtown Excelsior Springs, the shops stay open later (usually until 8pm or 9pm). Many of the restaurants have specials, there are featured artists in the galleries, live music while you eat or shop, and plenty of wine tastings to warm you up!

Be sure to check out (click each one for more info) –

Peril in Pointesville (Nov. 9-11) – Slightly Off Broadway Theatre
• Featured Artist Amy Kephart – Molly Roberts Studio
Karaoke Friday’s – Atlas Saloon
‘Skirt and Tie’ with Paul and Carolyn – Willow Spring Mercantile
Featured Artist Jim Shaw – Bohemian Sage Gallery

Friday, November 9th – ESHS Production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” (Nov. 9-11)

The high school students never disappoint with their productions! Full of talent, this show is sure to be one that will have you smiling from your seat! Great music, excellent message, this is definitely one that you don’t want to miss! The show is at 7pm both Friday and Saturday night. On Sunday there is a matinee at 2pm. Adults $10 and Students $5 at the Excelsior Springs Performing Arts Center. Purchase tickets before every show.


Saturday, November 10th – Excelsior Expo

From 10am to 2pm at the Excelsior Springs Community Center, you will find the Excelsior Expo taking place! Each year the Chamber features their local business members with an expo where businesses set up with goods for sale. Perfect time to get some early Christmas presents while shopping local and shopping small! See you there!

There are many other events taking place during the week:
• Be sure to search for events in Excelsior Springs on Facebook to find more!
• If you’re interested in knowing the Excelsior Springs Student Activities, click here!
• If you want to know more about what’s going on in the community, click here!


Be sure to participate in my Community Challenge that is taking place this month here in Excelsior Springs! Each day that you participate, you’ll be entered to win $100 from Billy Hale with Shelter Insurance.

Click here for more details!

The Way It Was



The Way It Was…
“First Solo”
Joe E. Morgan
As Spun by the Old Publisher

There’s just something about an unnatural thing like flying an airplane by your self for the first time that brings out a crowd. My dad drove down to Warrensburg for the occasion, my girlfriend, Patty (later my dear Missus) was there as well as other assorted friends. It gave me a rather uneasy feeling somewhat like a Christian at his first lion gathering. However, everything went reasonably well. I got back in one piece. My dad presented me with my first real wristwatch and the real prize was a big hug from Patty.

The more eventful “first” solo was my maiden Naval flight while stationed at the Olathe primary base. They had several breeds of training planes there, all painted a bright yellow and appropriately dubbed yellow perils. For my big event I drew an ancient NP-1. It was told that one could cut the throttle at 500 feet directly over a circle and land right in the middle of it. To make up for this critical lack of ability to glide, they had large loops on the wings, somewhat like a W.W.I. Jennie. This did help keep yellow paint off of the runway, of course.

I had brashly told my dad, Tom, that I would fly down to Excelsior on this first trip and sneaked him a call shortly before takeoff to announce my E.T.A. for this historic flight.

My troubles began when I couldn’t fly straight down Highway 69. I’d burned that road up in the old cleaning truck so much that I probably could have made it blindfolded. But Fairfax was still a Naval base too and it was very verboten for cadet types to pollute the sacred airways around there. I thought about sneaking south and then coming back to the river, but somehow an end run around by Kansas and back by Parkville seemed a better idea. Somehow things don’t look quite the same from above and I almost made it to Cameron before I got started back in the right direction.

If you’ve ever flown over Excelsior in a small plan you’re sure to remember that the valley creates lots of convection currents and makes for pretty bumpy riding. This combined with my inexperience, not to mention my streak that matched the plane, made my two passes over the old hometown rather traumatic.

It was all worthwhile…and patriotic too! I finally spotted my dad behind the cleaning shop mightily waving his giant American flag. Normally reserved for Armistice Day and the Fourth, it was now being unfurled for a fledgling son.

With a trembling, but jaunty, salute…I headed back to the barn. I was already five minutes late and it was no time for any more “short” cuts. I firewalled it right on down 69, over Fairfax and back to Olathe as fast as my archaic machine would take me.

All of the other sheep were long in the fold as lonesome me came in for my approach. At the end of the runway was the “Blue Goose” (a C-54 that took all of the instructors into K.C. for their nightly opportunity to forget cadets). I knew that I was in for real trouble if I held them back from their revelry. In panic I kept hitting the throttle until finally I was clean past the main runway and was actually landing on the parking apron. The area was still under construction and suddenly looming ahead of me was a double row of workers’ cars. At the last moment with a might braking…and a loud ping as the prop grazed the cement, I stopped just short of disaster. I had homed in on a spot with a single row of cars so that I actually had cars parked on both sides of me.

As I started my prayer of thanksgiving it was quickly drowned out by the roar of the Blue Goose overhead as it was finally able to take off.

In a state of stupor, I could only sit there until the lineman came out and pulled me backward until I could taxi in on my own for almost certain retribution. What happened? The duty officer was down drinking coffee and didn’t see my fiasco. The crew just shook their heads as they witnessed another dumb cadet miracle. Remember I never said I was good…just lucky.


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Hall of Waters Tour

Today we held tours through both the Excelsior Springs Museum and the Hall of Waters downtown. On the August ballot there will be an opportunity for the public to vote for a property tax that will be dedicated to improving our historic museums in town. Both today and next Saturday at 6:00pm the public is invited to take a tour through the space, ask questions, and see firsthand the priorities that will be set with the money generated from the tax.

City Manager Molly McGovern and City Councilwoman Sonya Morgan look over the study of the space from 2014. In the plans, there is space planned for a lobby, circulation, leasable space, staff only space, mechanical, public space, and storage.

Hall of Waters Building Manager TR Kennedy walked us through the old woman’s spa that has been turned into a museum. Here he is demonstrating how the light boxes were once used.

This is probably the space most folks have a heart for and memories of. I brought a couple down to see it and the man told me he remembered taking water babies here. I was able to tell him that I did, too!

This is the boiler room. The boilers are literally from the 50’s and could go out at any time. The first priority for the Hall will be to fix the ventilation problems, including the HVAC from mold and other harmful airborne contaminants.

In the sub-basement there used to be a water tank attached to the base. They ended up torching the tank off the base to find a huge buildup of sediment from the mineral water underneath. It’s so heavy that it will probably never be removed.

In the tunnel that runs alongside the bottom sides of the swimming pool, you can see the corrosion around the columns. The iron underneath is reacting to the contaminants in the air causing the damage. A new ventilation system can help to stop it.

In the elevator. This is a relatively new floor, meant to match the other Mayan styled decor that exists throughout the building. It was paid for by ghost tour proceeds.

Under the front lawn is the well room where the original Siloam well is housed. You can see above the five pipes that were used to bring the Springs into the Hall.

On the wall, you can see the workers initials with the year 1937 (when it was built) etched into the cement. I wonder who they were.

Ceiling damage in the well room, underneath the front lawn.

The original well spring Siloam. You can see the red iron in the water coming out of the floor. The springs are healthy!

In the Solarium we have our Visitor’s Center, where the public can walk around the water-bar and learn some of our history.

I can’t imagine our community without the Hall of Waters. It’s the heart of the downtown and was built in celebration of our unique waters whose varieties can’t be found together anywhere else on earth. It would be such a disappointment to see it go. I hope everyone votes Yes on August 7th to restore it.

Visit www.museumtax.com for more information and details on this project.


Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others.

It is well…with my soul…

Found Sketch hanging out in Mack’s room this morning

The first Elms Boulevard fountain freeze of the season!

Our friend Darryl Couts led Children’s Time at church this morning. Can you find Mackenzie in this pic?

This is my friend and pastor Laura Blevins. Each week she inspires us to be better, reminds us of God’s unconditional love, and motivates us to get involved in our community.

This morning she welcomed us all to come and revisit our baptisms. It was a moment I want to remember, walking down with S. Jason to pray.

Today our church was celebrating 25 years being in our new church building

Pastor Laura just had a little pumpkin, Noah, and it was nice to see them both this morning!

The bell choir practice is underway! Our church always has something musically special being planned!

The preschool is having fun with Fall!

We went and got some pumpkins of our own.

Kitty was enjoying laying in the warmth of the sun light coming through the window


Love these kiddos

Mackenzie found an old picture she drew when she was 7 years old.

And so she updated it! (The book she is using is one she made out of old cereal boxes given to her by Gail Brown)

Thanks for following along!