Oh, hello, week! Let’s do this!

Have a good day at school, Mack!

Happy Autumn

Quick trip to Richmond to drop off painting class fliers and found this lonely tree

Stopped back by the coffee shop for a meeting and had a bit of time to plan out my week over a cup of Ethiopia.

My friend Loretta stopped by the Foundation, donating $200 from her Scentsy fundraiser, and hooking me up with an owl warmer! Thanks, Loretta!!

Skeleton Selfie

Stopped by the high school

Dropped in on the rehearsal for the upcoming musical, Willy Wonka

Many of our elementary school students are performing in the production, too!

Picked up Mack from her Practice 5k with Girls on the Run! She and her dad will run a 5k race in Kansas City on Saturday! She’s been working all season up to this point!

She got home and finished getting ready for her piano lessons. She had some extra time, so she decorated the page in Fall doodles

Mack and Sketch

I made us some chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight and Mackenzie rushed to help

Her drawing for the day was made using an old Spirograph

In keeping with tradition, we carved pumpkins on All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween

Stars are Aligned in Excelsior Springs

My Monday has made me feel like maybe the stars are aligned or something! I’ve had such an amazing start to my week!


Morning ritual


I love that she lets me braid her hair almost every time I ask.


We were early enough to school that we had to wait five minutes for the bell! That never happens! We are almost always sprinting to be there!


On the walk back to the house I couldn’t resist capturing these. It was super chilly this morning, we could even see our breath. Normally I’m freezing all the time, but this morning I felt fine. It was weird.


Hey! Hey! Hey!!!

Got in to work to find a letter from the Missouri Parks Dept of Natural Resources awarding our school district with a $10,000 grant to build a new playground for our Early Childhood Center! The kiddos there will be getting a new swing set, play equipment, and slide! We even plan for a special rocking play equipment that is meant to help those children with autism and a therapy swing, for those kiddos too big for a toddler swing but still in need of extra support.

This would not have happened without the early childhood teachers requests for a better play area for their students. We also have to thank our school board, who committed to match the project with another $10,000 to fully equip the space for the students. It has been a pleasure working with the Missouri Parks Department, and I look forward to managing this project.


Quick run over to Mackenzie’s school to copy 1,050 of these Boo Gram forms off so I can get them into the kiddos backpacks before next week. As a fundraiser students pay 25 cents to send their friend a blow pop covered to look like a ghost for Halloween.


Surprise lunch with my brother and parents at Wabash BBQ! I just happened to see my brother driving down the street when I was leaving Lewis and he was meeting Mom and Dad! We talked about movies and what’s good on Netflix. It was fun!


Finished counting out and delivering to the teachers all the boo grams! Phew!


This afternoon there was a call to the fire department for an apartment at the high rise being on fire. Since it’s right around the corner Mack and I walked over to check it out.


“Stand over by the fountain and let me take your picture?”
“Just because.”


She said the word for this challenge was “mysterious”. #inktober


After dropping Mackenzie at play rehearsal and getting home, it was at this moment that I realized the vintage set of steak knives my aunt gave me yesterday were still in my purse. Oops. They’ve been with me all day!


Looks like it’s time to harvest!


My husband loves cacti


I had about 45 min to kill before picking up Mackenzie to go to piano, so I brought Sketch out into the backyard for a bit. He chased a black cat out of the yard and was on the hunt after that.


Looking up


“Hey, Mackenzie!”
“Have fun at piano! Love you!”


When I got to the City Council meeting, I was just in time to hear the Mayor’s proclamation to John and Vera Brunke for the retirement in their 96th year of business here in Excelsior Springs with Brunke Hardware.


The Mayor Brad Eales then presented the Excelsior Springs Business Women a proclamation deeming this week as Business Women’s Week here in Excelsior! 


The proclamation the Mayor gave us for Business Women’s Week here in Excelsior Springs. We have an awesome Mayor, as you can see.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the Solarium while in the Hall. It draws me to it. Can you see why?


Look how the film around the lights matches the tiles on the outside of the building.


Looking over the front lawn at Broadway below.


The lights kicked on just as I was leaving the Hall


This tree is just getting started. Soon she will be in a full vibrant color that will blow you away! 


Have a nice week, everyone! Thanks for following along!


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A Day for Renovation

Such a Great Day!

Fall has Fallen Upon Excelsior Springs

Great Start to the Week

Fishing River Walk

Catching up 

This week I have been knocking through some of my larger projects that have been sitting, waiting for me to get through prior priorities that were left standing in the way. Slowly but surely, I somehow find myself managing to keep up with the steady amount of challenges life throws my way. 

I’ve spent a great deal of time this weekend researching health statistics for our community. I’m working on applying for a federal grant that could possibly provide the funding needed to hire two qualified mental health professionals to be dedicated to helping students in our school district. When it comes to mental health, funding available is few and far between. This could provide a great opportunity for us to see how much of a difference having support in place for our students showing the greatest concern could have on our population overall. 

This week I finalized our order for tshirts for the Solar Eclipse Festival and now have the glasses for sale at the Chamber and Visitor’s Center in the Hall of Waters for $1 each. I’m hoping to have the tshirts online for ordering by the end of this week. Vendors are still coming in and we have entertainment booked. This week will be a big one for announcements! 

My next project entails an organizing workshop that I’m doing for the Good Samaritan Center. All the time I have people ask me, “How do you get it all done?” Well, I’m completely ready to share my secrets with all, in hopes we can produce more productive beings for a better future! Join us this Wednesday evening, if interested!