🎶 The long and winding road, that leads, to your door

Will never disappear, I’ve seen that road before

It always leads me here, lead me to your door 🎶

Sleepy Sunday

Pancakes are a staple on weekends in the Cole household

Caught a cat while taking a mid-morning nap 💤

S. Jason worked in the yard while I worked on prepping social media for the week and doing grant research.

Some magic caught my eye 💛

S. Jason pointed out this fun praying mantis!

S. Jason got us peaches at the store. He knows I love peaches.

A Day in the Life – Monday

🎶 The buzzard took the monkey for a ride in the air

The monkey thought that ev’rything was on the square

The buzzard tried to throw the monkey off his back

The monkey grabbed his neck and said, “Now, listen, Jack

Straighten up and fly right, straighten up and fly right

Straighten up and fly right, cool down papa, don’t you blow your top 🎶

This morning’s assembly was dark from the rain outside.

My first meeting was with GG Owens at JE Dunn Construction downtown.

Ms GG has helped thousands of people obtain employment in Kansas City. She’s currently serving our Job Corps Center as the Chair for the Workforce Development Council.

Had the pleasure of meeting these folks from England. They are working with Ms GG on a project supporting a school in Nigeria. They had pictures giving the children pencils to write with and working with children who were blind.

You never know what God has in store for you each day.

Since I was three blocks from my brother’s business and had fifteen minutes, I swung by to say hi. I worked for Joe once for a year and I’m still not exactly sure what he does.

This afternoon I had a meeting at the Clay County Courthouse presenting the MU Extension budget to the commissioners. As the appointed representative for Excelsior Springs, I’m honored to also be serving as the council’s Chair.

My friend Vern told me that the artist of this mural waited to paint all the faces on the characters. He then went around the county taking pictures of people and then drew their likeness into the mural to finish the characters. Isn’t that cool? I think that’s way fun!

It rained off and on all day. We have needed it. Loving these white blossoms outside my office window.

Mackenzie drew this at her friend Luna’s • #mackaday


Ready to roll!

Proud that Mackenzie has really been dedicated to roller derby. It’s a challenge for her, but she’s up to it!

Winding down

This is a big week for me. Pray I get through Wednesday, please!

Day in the Life – Friday

“Stand in the place where you live, Now face north

Think about direction, wonder why you haven’t before

Now stand in the place where you work

Now face west, think about the place where you live

Wonder why you haven’t before”

Mackenzie is having to wake up a lot earlier this year for school. She’s done well in getting out of bed so far but we are glad to be able to sleep in tomorrow.

Meow-mert was in the window sill this morning watching the birds outside in the bushes.

Mackenzie’s morning doodles • #mackaday

Gave Mack some strawberries for breakfast

Mack took a morning selfie to send her dad a smile

This afternoon we had a meeting and gave a tour to the Homebuilders Association. Job Corps currently has a division of the association in our Home Builders Industry trade. We want to strengthen the connection the members of the association has with the skilled students who are looking for employment.

Here James shows the ladies from the Home Builder’s Association a model set up in the classroom to give students practice in framing windows, working with different wall textures, and practicing finishing work.

After work this afternoon I came home and slept for about four hours. I haven’t been feeling good all week. It’s cvs stuff that I almost always get this time of the year. My new medicine that I’m on is definitely working better than any other I have ever taken, but it still might not prevent an episode from happening. My kitten stayed with me the whole time and when I woke up I felt a lot better.

I’m excited to buy this home from my brother soon and start the updates that we have planned for the inside. I want to get a runner to go down these squeaky stairs.

I wanted to go look at the damage from last nights fire at our neighbors house. It was so traumatic of an experience. I’m so grateful that we have individuals willing to dedicate their lives to walking into danger to save others.

Many thanks to Joe Messina for seeing the fire, reporting it to police, and then waking everyone inside to get out when he did. Without his quick actions, there may have been lives lost.

I think that may be smoke damage on the vinyl sticker across the postal service’s mail truck. The fire happened across the alley from the post office, so I’m hoping there is video footage of some kind.

The Colony Plaza

A Day in the Life – Thursday

“I read the news today, oh boy

Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

And though the holes were rather small

They had to count them all

Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall” ~ The Beatles

Shoo’ing me away from taking any pics of her

Shoo’ing me away from taking any pics of her walking in to school 😂

She’s started sleeping in the spot that Sketch likes. Always testing him.

How cool is it when your friend is Mackenzie’s teacher and she sends you a selfie text as a surprise on the first day! Love it! Thanks Dani! Made me feel better seeing her smile! 🙂

Rotary asked me to give the program today, which I happily did! Loved being able to give everyone a townie’s perspective on the place.

Had the Ventana salad because it’s so delish

Literacy KC came to visit campus today and we gave them a full tour of all the trades.

We are talking to Literacy KC about partnering with them to provide additional tutors to our students in the evening at the south campus in Kansas City.

This is Josie. She is a carpentry student at the Center. They’ve been learning how to make crates for practice and I asked her for a pic. I love how proud the students are to share their work with me as I walk around campus. Really enjoy getting to know them more.

My friend Leah was so happy to have her son Tim on campus today. Everywhere we went folks would say, “I recognize you from pictures in your mom’s office!” It brought smiles to both their faces each time.

Love Love Love that our students are partnered with IUPAT District 3!! The painters are definitely some good people!

Loved seeing this sign in my friend Lori’s office :)

It was so great to see Tim after all these years. We were in theatre together through high school and had many fun times hanging out.

It rained on our way to the Design iWerx gallery opening

Mackenzie drew portraits for two straight hours. This is our new friend Rachael. She was a big Mack supporter and walked around showing everyone her portrait, telling them to get one, too!

This is our friend Bob Martin! He was kind enough to invite Mackenzie to participate in the opening of his new gallery space. They’re working on another one now in Gladstone! Thanks for all the support you give our area, Bob!

The warehouse space was broken into sections for different artists to build out their work. The opening was very well attended. I learned that there are actually multiple art studios in this one area of North Kansas City.

Mackenzie doing her thing

This evening there was a devastating fire at the house behind us on Kansas City Avenue. There are 8 apartments in that one complex and the House next door had to be evacuated, too. Everyone is safe and their pets are, too. At least three families lost everything, though.

A Day in the Life – Wednesday

Well it was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play

He’s been going in and out of style, but he’s guaranteed to raise a smile

So may I introduce to you, the act we’ve known for all these years, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

My kitty comes to find me every morning. She even waits at the window to see me pull the car down the drive. A dedicated friend.

Hey Big Boi

Mister Snail stopped me on my way into work to say hello. Hello, Mister Snail!

There are all kinds of magnificent creatures surrounding us each day.

My friend Chef Chuck made these to-die-for lemon bars. So good!! It’s good to be friends with Chef Chuck.

S. Jason got me these succulents for my office window. When we got married we had a cactus groom’s cake. Everyone walked around the wedding reception with green smiles.

I love how much of a partnership there is between Job Corps and the unions. It’s completely possible for students to graduate the program and then obtain employment paying upwards of $20-30 an hour.

I went for a walk of campus to see what was going on. Students were busy with their projects left and right.

This is Levi. He said I could take his picture. He’s one of the most polite and articulate kids I’ve ever met. Aside from his capabilities in HVAC systems, he also knows the perfect temperature needed to cook a chicken and goes okie noodling on the weekends. I love learning more about each one of the students.

Walking through trades alley to see the Carpenters and Cement Masons hard at work learning safety protocol for the job site.

On my way to the Chamber luncheon this monarch stopped to say hello. Hello, Monarch!

Saw lots of friends at the Excelsior Springs Chamber luncheon! Great programs by both Kristen from the ES Hospital and Lindsey from Talented Tots!

Walked in the rain to return my library books. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I really love that our library is in the Hall right now. Almost every time I’ve gone in, there has been other visitors in there, too. I wonder how many new people it has brought in over the last few months. Really cool.

Our artist was busy today! She starts school tomorrow AND has an art show in KC tomorrow night! 💜 Mackenzie Cole 💜 #mackaday

This was just before she grabbed my hand and decided to give it a bath! Silly kitty!

Mister Grasshopper was busy trying to blend in this afternoon.

Wish I had more time to photograph the insects each day.

This kitten was purring super loud being held by Bird.

Afternoon sky

Mackenzie grabbed both of our hands walking in to the store. I held on until she let go because I know soon she probably won’t grab for my hand. She starts Middle School tomorrow. Middle School!

The Roller Derby Gang

Evening sketches • #mackaday • Mackenzie Cole

Hope you’re having a good week, friends!

A Day in the Life – Tuesday

“Feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane

Your love’s coming down like


Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain

Your love’s coming down like


Happily walked into work in the rain. These flowers were grateful, too!

Rain cleared for a while but by lunchtime it was starting to come down again.

Spent much of my day in the office calling students and putting together information for next week’s meetings and events. I had the pleasure of being introduced to a man who is interested in helping to place our students in his businesses as a work based learning site. I’m meeting so many new people!

When I got back into the car the rain was coming down so hard I felt like I was in the car wash!

This is through the driver’s side window looking toward the West. I was in a complete downpour where I was at, but blue skies on my left!

When I got to the Mug I had to borrow a towel to dry off because I was so drenched. Won’t let a little rain get between me and my Tuesday donut.

Mackenzie drew all of the Tiger Path employees on their white board for fun.

I love this tree, y’all

I could see the late afternoon storm coming our way and left work just in time to get home before it started again.

A Day in the Life – Monday

🎶 I’ve walked these streets

In a spectacle of wealth & poverty

In the diamond market

The scarlet welcome carpet

That they just rolled out for me 🎶

Had a meeting this afternoon at the south campus in Kansas City. We are hosting an Open House for business partners to come for a tour on the 22nd.

I love walking past the milkweed on my way to and from work each day. I almost always get to see a winged creature of some kind busy working away.

Spent the afternoon on the phone calling about 15 students to let them know they are approved for the Job Corps program. My last question among many is if they have any questions. 90% of the time the response I hear is, “When can I start?”

Just some random girl waving goodbye to the neighborhood as she makes her way to the dump!

This evening I had a MU Extension event at Calibration Brewery in North Kansas City. Love what they’ve done to the area!

Where are my Mizzou fans at? I’ve been serving as the Chair for the MU Extension Council in Clay County and have learned so much about this valuable program! There are opportunities for people of all ages to get involved and become better educated in so many things. The Services the council provides the community are extraordinary. I highly suggest you check out their website to learn more about the programming:

As I was heading home the sky overhead was full of rain. I could smell it! Miss that smell!

Tonight at roller derby Mackenzie worked really hard with an instructor. I’m so impressed by the adults leading the teams. They do a good job of working with them to help them succeed.

Tonight Mackenzie passed her speed test to play in the roller derby bout coming up this weekend!!

Um, excuse me, Sketch.

A Day in the Life – Sunday

“I hitched a ride with my soul, by the side of the road, just as the sky turned black, I took a walk with my fame, down memory lane, I never did find my way back…” – Oasis

Ready to spend the day getting ready for the week while enjoying peanut butter pancakes and bacon, thanks, Bird!

This is Mackenzie’s sketch of what she wants to do for Halloween this year. She wants to dress up her cats and put them in a clear container while pulling them around with a wagon. I wonder if they would go for that.

The Emery’s always have beautiful flowers in their yard.

Come for a walk with us around the neighborhood.

I’ve had some folks ask me what will happen now to the Hall and Museum. Truth is, not much will change. They’ll continue to hold fundraisers to make improvements where they can.

These footprints have been here my whole life. I used to walk over them when I was her age, too!

Love the progress being done on this building by TNG Construction.

I believe the plan for this building is to remove the top part of the facade. I hope it makes it look better.

I love all of the features that are at the base of each building along Thompson Avenue downtown.

The Rotary organization and students from our Job Corps Center partnered to create two informational displays in our downtown. There’s a map showcasing the downtown business community along the most traveled route from the hotel leading into the downtown. There’s another in front of the Hall of Waters.

The new brewery, Dubious Claims Brewing Company, has been a big hit with the locals.

Does anyone know what building this cornerstone belongs to?

Snack platter Sunday but Jason made Mack and I our favorite, pasta with parmesan. Hope you all have a great week!

Week in Review



You can’t tell, but Sketch is furious with her for being in the sink. It’s become a game each morning between the two of them. He kept hitting her over the head.

I haven’t moved anything into my office yet. I simply haven’t had time.

This morning I met with Martha Buckman at the Good Samaritan Center, which made for a good way to start the week.

The Good Samaritan Center is hosting another summer art program. This time our friend Shino is offering a Japanese influence. Great opportunity for all the kids!

Do you know someone between the ages of 16 and 24 who is interested in obtaining a trade certification for FREE? If so, let me know!

The south campus for Job Corps is right along Brush Creek.

With the weather being cooler, it was nice being outside for a while today.

Stopped by to wish my friend Larry a happy retirement and thank him for his service to our City.

This girl is always forcing these cats to let her hold them!

Said hello to the Muddy Missouri on the way to roller derby.

Saw some of these earlier today

Rebel Cat is her roller derby name. I’m glad she’s enjoying something that challenges her so much!

“Peace rules the day where reason rules the mind.” ~ Collins

Just a couple of love birds

Pretty cool that this where they have their roller derby practices and matches!

Love this old church that sits across the street.

As S. Jason says, “At least there’s water somewhere.”

This brick walk.

We are these kind of people now

Helping timekeep

Love how many girls roller derby empowers.

The storms were rolling in to Kansas City as we were coming through. We tried to bring them over to Excelsior, too, knowing how much we need rain.


Just being on campus every morning inspires me.

There is a whole crew of students dedicated to this project in the parking lot. I love that everywhere you look on campus there is evidence of a student’s work surrounding you.

Made the mistake of walking across campus in heels but felt better when I saw this.

Met my friend Rhonda for lemonades and she filled my brain full of wisdom about my new position. Rhonda retired from Job Corps after working there for many, many years. She left me such great notes about everything I would need to do. I’m so thankful to her for all she has done for the program. Before leaving for my meeting, some of her friends wanted to send her some good vibes, and I was grateful to be the one to deliver.

Stop. Think for a second. Do you know a young man or woman in need who could use a hand up in life? An opportunity to earn a trades degree and then be earning a good living? There are so many fields to choose from like culinary, carpentry, welding, CNA, security, and more! Also, it’s tuition free!! Yes!! No catch!! Completely FREE!! Contact me for info!

I didn’t eat anything from this case at Panera because I was waiting on something for later in the day!

Stopped by the house and Sketch was exactly where I thought he would be.

The kitten was crazy-eyed with the thought of me being home. It drives her insane because she always thinks I’m going to take her out. She spends the entire time I’m home for lunch running to the back door while loudly meowing at me. She only does this to me, not anyone else. And she does it every single day.

Look, I know I’m a flower fanatic. Clearly it’s some kind of obsession that I must have. But if I’m willing to admit that I have a problem does that mean I really have a problem? I mean maybe all of you are just wrong and should start taking pictures of them, too. Yah, that’s what it is! I’m sure of it…

You’re a world traveler. What’s your next stop? Mine is obviously the coffee shop.

Weekly coffee (and donut) with my fellow Wonder Women

I love that when I’m downtown I really do feel like their place is my place. #shopsmall

Been thinking about this building a lot lately. I’ve always been drawn to it for some reason. When I was a kid, I would watch for tourists walking by and then lure them in with my little kid appearance to walk them through the Hall. I wanted them to feel the magic that I feel when I’m inside. Like you’re a part of something bigger, something great.

I’ve been consulting with the Butterfly Whisperer and today was my chance to put his words of advice to the test!

Taking off

This afternoon I joined the student leaders in welcoming the new students to campus. Each week there is an intake of students that start the program fresh. The length of the program is based on their trade but is self-paced.

The welding trades have created these amazing handrails with various designs decorating them. Love the celestial elements included by the culinary building.

Moths may be different from butterflies but they like nectar just the same.

This is what I came home to. Look at that smug look. Welcome home.

Got my edition of The Phunn from the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives!!

This girl and her cats

Are you going to take me out?

My world


A real laugh caught by S. Jason

S. Jason ’s up close view

Mackadoodle Morgan

People let me tell ya bout my best friends

Later gators!

S. Jason sent me this amazing pic. This is facing the east. The sun is setting behind him here.

Amazing how different the sky can look based on your angle anymore. Jason took this beautiful capture of the sky, too.

Cole Family Fun on the Boulevard

Billy Beale’s doggo came over to say hi!

Me and my mini me


Wet hair don’t care

Morning babe

Left the bathroom and came back to find him snuggled into the sink. Move it, Buster!!

I don’t take a second of these warmer seasoned days for granted. I love watching all the flowers face the sun each morning.

Felt so lucky to have gotten footage of a hummingbird moth on the boulevard yesterday. This morning on my way into work, there was another! Their wings flutter so fast! I’ll put videos in the comments for you to see!!

Surprisingly, he just lets her hold him like this. Then she walks him around for belly pets from Jason and me. He seems to love it.

She’s watching a cartoon in the upper left hand part of her screen and drawing in another app. Kids these days!!

This is the look your friend Maggie gives you when her mother has stopped giving you bits of apple fritters because it’s all gone and is kept talking so long that she forgets to keep handing you ice chips. And then this woman is not only keeping your mother much longer than she should but is now taking pictures of you in your confused state.

This is the smug look I’m given as a welcome home, I guess.

Morning view of the boulevard (please vote no on Prop A and yes on the museum tax)

Meow kitty sleeping against S. Jason this morning

Good morning, Boulevard!

Loved seeing all the love put into the goodies they had for all the families today at the Platte County Back to School Fair! There are people with such good hearts everywhere, which brings me so much joy!

Today my friend Rebecca and I went to a Back to School Fair in Platte County. We stood talking to hundreds of people ALL day! By the end of the day we had 75 people signed up for information on how to join the program. The benefits are so good, the program totally sells itself! Thanks Rebecca, for making this day so fun!

When I got home kitty was busy with a catnap.

Got a nice card of well wishes in the mail. Thanks for kind words, friend!

Evening on the boulevard (Please vote No on Prop A and Yes on the Museum Tax)


Mackenzie woke up early to ask me if I could put her hair in chopsticks for the day. She’s been attending art camp at the Good Samaritan Center and they’ve had a Japanese theme for the week thanks to our friend Shino. Mack is so interested in Japan. She loves it!

At our senior management meeting today the leadership students came in to give a report. I love that the students are always invited to our senior staff meetings to give us feedback from the students and hear what they’re planning. We’ve got great kids doing great things!

Our Center Director Bill Allen got a new Harley this week! Fancy!

This afternoon’s meeting with Kim called for a Carmelo iced coffee at The Mug.

Joined my friends at the Chamber for a Meet and Eat at Dari-B! Thanks for the shake, Tom! 

Couldn’t catch the monarch but was able to grab this little guy walking to my car!

This evening we got Chinese from Hunan. They’re the best around! They’ve even started saving their rice bags for S. Jason to make bags out of!

Tonight Mom and I have turned the dining room into a mini campaign headquarters. We feel passionate about our community’s history and the economic value that restoring that history can bring. Find more info at


Usual scene around the Cole household, other than us having to run to a meeting or event of some kind. I slept until 10 and probably could have even longer.

I sat around the house in pajamas for as long as possible. S. Jason made us peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes.

This is how she likes to best pass the time.

What she was working on!

The kitten has now started sleeping in Sketch’s spot on the aquarium. She keeps challenging him. It’s no wonder he’s mad at her all the time.

I’ve been going to this gas station since before people had cell phones.

Crossing over to Kansas

They just don’t build them like they used to.

Greek architecture is so cool.

This is Mackenzie’s favorite team

My moon, my man.

I started to say “Break a leg,” but then realized that’s probably not best!

She got her new Roller Warriors jersey today and her team won the first bout!

Do you see the rainbow? I tried to grab it for you!

Mackenzie got to choose where to eat for dinner. This was no surprise.

My decals are peeling off on my yeti. What should the next sticker be that S. Jason makes me?

I commissioned the help of my two favorite people in putting together my office decor at work. I’m so glad that I have them to help me all the time.

I’ve seen some of the prettiest skies standing in this parking lot.

 Until next week, keep it real, y’all!