Rocky Horror Picture Show

Recently Jason had the opportunity to make a couple of Rocky Horror Picture Show signs for the directors of the cult play at Slightly Off Broadway in downtown Excelsior. He's made six of these now and the special orders just keep coming in for them!

Here are the progress pics:

Seven Hills Art Camp

For the past four years our daughter, Mackenzie, has been attending the Seven Hills Art Camp that is held during the summer. For the first time, they expanded it to two weeks this summer. The theme for the first week was wings, with a focus on birds. Mackenzie’s favorite part was making bird kites! The camp was founded and taught by Roberta Hammer, family friend and local artist. Throughout the year, Roberta also hosts an art class weekly at the Good Samaritan Center and gives lessons on various art methods to the students of various ages.

This year, Roberta asked my husband, Jason, if he would co-teach the camps with her. He enjoyed getting to be a part of the experience in teaching the camp! Here’s a feature of some of their work together over the past two weeks:

They made a giant nest that was big enough for all of the campers to fit in!

These photos above were all taken by Dr. S. Jason Cole. :)

The second week of Art Camp was themed “Pollinators”

Jason taught all of the students how to make their own insects out of wire by bending and shaping it to look like their pollinator.

My husband Jason taught the students lessons in stop-motion animation. Here are some videos from the two weeks:



To see another feature on the Seven Hills Art Camp, click here! 

Touring an Abandoned Missile Silo

We went on shoot back in January with Jason, who is working on a new project which focuses on sustainability. This man, Matthew Fulkerson, is taking an abandoned nuclear missile silo and rebuilding it into a home and environment that has everything that might be needed to survive if our governmental system were to collapse. He will be turning that silo into a training facility for others to come and learn self survival techniques.



This is what the missile base looks like from the outside today. There are two watch towers.


Walking in to the facility



On one side next to the bay, there is a shop. In recent years, this area has been used to build Ultralight Aircrafts.


What it looked like at the time. It was up and running by 1959 and shut down by 1965. Thirty million was used on the facility at the time. Nowadays that would be over $100 million. It was purchased for $40,000.


Standing in the missile bay talking about the bomb!



Crane used to move the missile into place.


Looking down into the flame exhaust port where the base of the missile would sit and then upon launch, the fire underneath would shoot down into this shaft and be exhausted out.

The bay where the missile was kept.

Found in the shop
16142546_1417157164963594_7998073066571700816_nHeading in to the living quarters section of the underground facility.

The launching device. No longer in operation, of course.

Artist’s rendition of the project

A peace sanctuary has now been set up where the control room was located.



Matthew Fulkerson explains the story of meeting and marrying his wife at the facility. Matthew is working on converting his own silo and establishing it as a training center for others to learn survival techniques. He is the subject of Jason’s documentary.

Family picture on top of the tower overlooking the property.

Limestone pillars arranged in a circle with evergreens circling the area and a fire pit in the middle for lunar and solstice celebrations.

Jason Cole…Iron Man

My husband Jason is a jack of all trades. I often refer to him as the Renaissance Man, because he likes projects and art of all kinds, and he seems to be good at everything. This past week he was asked to make a special gift for a father who runs in Ironman Triathlons. They wanted him to have it for inspiration in his work out room!

Here are some progress pictures from the making of the sign:

FullSizeRender 20

Jason built this sign a little different than the others he’s been making, creating a light box for additional accent.

FullSizeRender 19

Our dining room table often becomes a workbench, because we don’t have a workshop, yet.

FullSizeRender 16

He even lets Mackenzie in on the fun. Notice that he’s carefully observing the whole time! (Serious about his work!)

FullSizeRender 15

By cutting out the logo of the triathlons, He can create a lit effect from behind that really makes it pop!

FullSizeRender 17

Putting the finishing touches along the edges. All of Jason’s work is hand painted.

FullSizeRender 21

FullSizeRender 23

Summer Art Camp Fun



Summer is the best time for camps and in Excelsior Springs, there’s no lack for getting involved! Starting this week, Mackenzie will have two weeks filled with day-long art classes, which she’s been going to for the last three or four years. The Art Camp was started by Roberta Hammer, a local artist who Mackenzie takes lessons from weekly throughout the year. She inspires the students to try different mediums and often inspire them with the nature that surrounds them here daily. Roberta is the heart and soul behind the Art Camp at the Good Samaritan Center and the ongoing Art Room that meets weekly on early-release days from school. We are so grateful to have her in our community giving her time!



This year Jason, my husband, was asked to co-teach the camp and also help with another upcoming art camp to be held at the Good Samaritan Center. Jason has his doctorate in film and animation and has some fun projects lined up to offer the students this week. He, too, is an artist, everyday making custom signs, bags, watercolors, mobiles, or working with Mackenzie on various projects.


There are a number of ways for students to get involved and have fun during the summer here in Excelsior Springs. Whether it’s going to the various art camps, drama camps, reading programs at the library, bible schools, activities in the parks, or swimming at the community center, there’s plenty for kids to do here at home!