Home Sweet Homecoming

Wow!!! What a FUN day!! Seriously, one of the best days ever!! It was AMAZING riding in the parade!! Loved seeing all my friend’s faces!! Big thanks to Student Council for choosing me to be Grand Marshall!

Great win tonight for our ESHS Tiger Football team!! They are having a great season and are bringing much excitement to our community with their wins!!


Sherry Ballinger totally saved the day and drove us in her awesome Corvette convertible! ❤️ Photo thanks to Rosie Smith Goetz 


This morning when I left the house this was the view I had looking up! Ask my family and they will tell you I am obsessed with the sky. This is true, because look at these clouds!! Amazing!!


Here’s where I work, at the school district’s central office. When I was a kid, this was a bank. I may have really just wanted to take another picture of the sky. 



All morning I sold alumni t-shirts to alums. Overall, we sold over 50 shirts today! 🎉


This afternoon I went home for a bit and admired the view of the boulevard Mackenzie will have in her new bedroom!


On our way to the parade Mr Grasshopper stopped by to wish us a Happy Homecoming!


Love living here in Excelsior Springs on Elms Boulevard 


The streets were filled with people, given the amazing weather we have been having.


Our admins!! Love them and their amazing leadership!! 


Staging location for the parade!


Our ESHS Tiger Cheerleaders! They do a great job bringing spirit to our games each week!! 


Our amazing Excelsior Springs Band!! 



Our ESHS Tiger Football Seniors! Congrats on your win tonight! 🏈


We love getting our picture taken with the ES Tiger! 


Here’s our band again!! 


Woo Hoo!! Loved having my family with me!! After we were done I asked Sherry to drive me around so I could do it again 


Prettiest porch and the prettiest girl 💗


Loved having the students from ES Job Corps to lead us


Stopped by Mr Harlan‘s room and he helped me print some alumni sign ups. He has a nice view of the ball fields from the choir room. 🎶


We had a steady stream of alums drop by the alumni tailgate before the game!


Dinner was provided thanks to the Gregg Williams Foundation


Burgers and dogs makes for a great Tailgate! 🏈


Within the first five minutes of the game the Tigers had a touchdown! 


Our ESHS Band students are some really great kids. They put a smile on my face each time I see them. 


The stands were full on this beautiful night in Tiger Stadium!


The student spirit section!



Our ESHS Tiger Football team watching from the sidelines


Thanks to all who come out to support our Tigers!



Our Tigerettes! 🎉













Catching up 

This week I have been knocking through some of my larger projects that have been sitting, waiting for me to get through prior priorities that were left standing in the way. Slowly but surely, I somehow find myself managing to keep up with the steady amount of challenges life throws my way. 

I’ve spent a great deal of time this weekend researching health statistics for our community. I’m working on applying for a federal grant that could possibly provide the funding needed to hire two qualified mental health professionals to be dedicated to helping students in our school district. When it comes to mental health, funding available is few and far between. This could provide a great opportunity for us to see how much of a difference having support in place for our students showing the greatest concern could have on our population overall. 

This week I finalized our order for tshirts for the Solar Eclipse Festival and now have the glasses for sale at the Chamber and Visitor’s Center in the Hall of Waters for $1 each. I’m hoping to have the tshirts online for ordering by the end of this week. Vendors are still coming in and we have entertainment booked. This week will be a big one for announcements! 

My next project entails an organizing workshop that I’m doing for the Good Samaritan Center. All the time I have people ask me, “How do you get it all done?” Well, I’m completely ready to share my secrets with all, in hopes we can produce more productive beings for a better future! Join us this Wednesday evening, if interested!