Thank You, Clay County! I am honored to continue serving you!

Courtney S. Cole

Courtney S. Cole

In my five years of service on the Clay County Health Board, I have been deeply committed to enhancing our community’s health and well-being. My tenure has been marked by significant challenges, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by remarkable achievements that have fortified our public health infrastructure and services. As I seek re-election, I want to underscore the experience, leadership, and passion I bring to this role, which uniquely qualify me to continue serving our community.

Experience and Leadership

Since 2019, I have had the honor of serving in various capacities on the board, including as Secretary and Treasurer. These roles have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of our health system’s intricacies and the challenges it faces. My leadership helped introduce innovative solutions and maintain our commitment to public health, even in the most trying times.

Achievements During My Tenure

Innovative Solutions for Public Health Challenges: Early in my tenure, the Center implemented a new online registration system, simplifying the process for parents to access vital immunizations for their children. Recognizing the opioid crisis as a significant threat, we secured a $75,000 grant to combat opioid misuse, demonstrating our proactive approach to public health threats.

Enhancing Food Security: Our partnership with Harvesters to offer monthly food pantries has been a lifeline for many, serving 475 households initially and expanding to 1,325 households during the pandemic. This initiative underscores our commitment to addressing all aspects of health, including nutrition.

COVID-19 Response: Perhaps our most significant challenge was the COVID-19 pandemic. We oversaw Operation Safe, which administered 138,955 COVID vaccinations. This effort was a testament to our ability to mobilize resources and partnerships to protect our community’s health.

Financial Stewardship and Transparency: Serving as Treasurer, we paid off the building lease, saving taxpayers $750,000 in interest payments. We also achieved national accreditation status and launched a Community Health Assessment dashboard, enhancing our transparency and accountability to the community.

Leadership Transition: Recognizing the importance of steady and visionary leadership, we successfully hired a new public health director in 2023, ensuring continuity and innovation in our public health strategies.

Looking Forward

The challenges and achievements of the past five years have prepared me to lead with even greater effectiveness and vision. I am committed to protecting and enhancing our public health institutions, ensuring they are resilient, responsive, and equitable. My experience, proven track record, and deep commitment to the health of Clay County’s residents make me uniquely qualified to continue serving on the Health Board.

I am eager to build on our accomplishments and confront new challenges with the same dedication and innovation that have characterized my tenure. I ask for your support in re-electing me to the Clay County Health Board, so together, we can continue to safeguard and improve the health and well-being of our community.

My Priorities

As I seek re-election to the Clay County Health Board, my focus is clear:

1) Empower our health department staff and new director, ensuring they have the support to succeed and innovate. Our team’s well-being is paramount for our community’s health.

2) Intensify our fight against the opioid crisis. This includes expanding access to Narcan and developing comprehensive strategies to prevent opioid misuse. Saving lives and supporting recovery are at the forefront of our mission.

3) Strengthen and grow youth prevention programs. By educating our youth on health risks and healthy choices, we’re investing in a healthier future for Clay County.

These priorities are guided by a commitment to public health, community well-being, and proactive leadership. Together, we can build on our achievements for a safer, healthier future.

Seeking Your Support

In my five years on the Clay County Health Board, I’ve demonstrated unwavering commitment and leadership in public health. As Secretary, then Treasurer, I’ve been involved in launching innovative health initiatives, like the online immunization registration and combating the opioid epidemic in Clay County. Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, administering over 138,000 vaccinations, showcased our ability to meet unprecedented challenges head-on. I’ve overseen financial decisions saving taxpayers $750,000 and led efforts achieving national accreditation, enhancing our community’s health transparency and trust. My experience, proven track record in crisis management, financial stewardship, and dedication to public health, uniquely qualify me to continue serving and advancing our community’s well-being.

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