Life of a Fundraiser


Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.

It’s kind of ironic to me that no matter what direction I have turned in my life, I have always ended up being a fundraiser in some way. I guess as someone whose attitude toward money is that it’s paper and nothing more, it has helped me to get over the fear of asking someone for it. It hasn’t always been easy. I remember running for office and calling family members to ask for a donation to my campaign and being turned down. Despite those things hurting me at the time, it gave me what I needed to separate myself from it emotionally when I then had a stranger say it to me.

Now that I’m fundraising for my hometown community, it’s important to me now, more than ever, to be successful in the endeavors I put forward to raise money. When your project list consists of things like incorporating a shower for the homeless to use or providing a licensed professional counselor to give better care to our students, I’m always living with that pressure to find a solution.

Here is a list of projects that are currently on my mind, and I’m writing grants for:

Good Samaritan Center of Excelsior Springs

– Window replacement for better energy efficiency throughout the Center’s building
– Doors throughout the building needing replaced
– Lighting for better efficiency throughout the Center
– Flooring that is in need of replacement
– Establishing an ADA bathroom on the first floor
– Replacement of the parking lot, which is used by both the Center, Broadway Bargains Thrift Store, and the community
– Creating a HI-SET (GED) classroom for clients to get their diplomas
– Funding for client services, such as food, housing, utilities, counseling, transportation, access to healthcare, etc.
– Renovating space into shower that can be used by homeless clients or those without water
– Establishing a washer/dryer program for families that need to clean their clothes
– Funding for hygiene products that are necessary for keeping employment and general health, but aren’t covered under SNAP benefits
– A new roof on the Center

Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation

– Art kiln for the Middle School
– 3D printers for the elementary schools
– Funding for the Robotics team to go to competitions
– Early Childhood Center sensory room
– HVAC equipment for the Career Center – needing an 8 ft. sheet metal brake and lock former
– Licensed professional counselor for the district
– Parents as Teachers educator, supplies, and training
– OAE screening devices for hearing tests
– Early Childhood transportation
– Flexible seating throughout the district
– New science labs for the middle school and high school
– Early Childhood Center playground

If you have any resources that could help with any of these projects, I would be grateful for your assistance!

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