Garage Sale-ing, County Fairing, & Drama Camping

If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it. 

Today was our City-Wide Garage Sale and we were sure to hit up as many homes as we could get to, while starting our morning at the donut shop! 

Mackenzie then had a Drama Class that she attended at Slightly Off Broadway Theatre downtown. They are in the middle of Rocky Horror Picture Show right now, below is their stage set. 

Later in the afternoon we dropped by the Clay County 4-H Fair to pick up Mackenzie’s demonstration. We were surprised to see a purple ribbon signifying qualification to show her project at the State Fair in Sedalia! She was so excited! 

We stopped by a barbecue and then headed home where we found a bride and groom having their pictures taken on the boulevard! This is not uncommon to see living here! 

Then Jason installed new shades for our front porch! If only we could get the mosquitos to go away now! 

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