Great Start to the Week

This has been a great start to the week! I was super productive at work today; able to cross about ten things off my list! Woo hoo!!


Mackenzie was asked by her teacher Mrs. Clark to make the ballot box for those running in her class for Mayor. I asked her why SHE wasn’t running for Mayor: “Because I have to make the ballot box, Mom.” #fairenough


She can sit on her hair it’s so long. When we ask if we can cut it, even for a trim, we get sideways looks like “don’t you dare!”


The memorial garden was calling me this morning. Can you see why?



You might not be able to tell, but there is a huge patch of these beautiful purple flowers, whose stems are super long, as the buds stretch all the way over toward the Sun


This is what Sketch does in the morning when I’m fixing my coffee. “Hey, did you happen to notice me here?”


Jason harvested some from his garden this morning.


They’re doing work all along 10 Hwy and putting in sidewalks all the way through town. It’s something we have needed for a long time and will be so nice when they are through.


There’s Mackenzie waving to me as I dropped her off at play rehearsal this evening!


I had about an hour before the board of education meeting tonight so I spent it in the backyard with Sketch.


At the apartment complex next door to us. 


Couldn’t resist getting a shot of the Elms fountain on the way to the board meeting.


These five women are our elementary administration here in the school district. Tonight at the board meeting they got up as a collective team to give their report! It was dynamite!


Came home to find Mackenzie in her usual spot. Tonight she discovered a brand new season of My Little Pony has been added to Netflix. Her all-time favorite!


Chef J has been busy making hummus for Mackenzie’s lunches and a spaghetti squash dinner!— with S. Jason Cole.


My co-worker Terri Combs gave us the squash from her garden and then told us how to make it. We tried it and I’m not willing to give up my pasta, but Jason enjoyed!


Dinner’s done!


Ok this is us being silly but will probably result in a meme of some kind, given how creepy it is! Happy Halloween!!!

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