Fall has fallen upon Excelsior Springs

Fall has suddenly made an arrival here in Excelsior, leaving my teeth chattering!! Tuesday’s are some of my favorite days and this one certainly didn’t disappoint, regardless of the chilly weather! 



We recently had a tree removed from the backyard. They stopped when they realized the tree had grown through the fence. Now we just have this crazy stump. Any ideas?


Between the staircase railing, I spot an ornery cat!

My amazing co-workers redesigned our meeting space in the office! It’s so cool! I can’t help but hum the Friends theme song when I see it 🎶

My friend Julia invited me to meet our friend Kim for lunch at the new Opportunity Cafe across town. This is a new cafe/coffee shop in our community.
They are working to provide opportunities for those who are trying to turn their lives around, and I think that’s a pretty cool mission.
It was such a gray day, I was looking for color anywhere I could find it. Found some!
My next meeting was back downtown at The Mugcoffee shop. Each Tuesday I meet with Molly, our City Manager, Melinda, our City’s Economic Development Director, and Sonya, our City Councilwoman, to discuss City projects and plans.I live for Tuesday’s because I learn so much about the process for how you can leverage your dollars to go further with the governmental resources that are available. It gives me a new appreciation for the work that our City governments do, and I feel fortunate to be included.Today we talked about improvements that will be made to our local library!
This evening was Mackenzie’s last elementary school music recital. Each year S. Jason mic’s her up so he can record her voice above all the others. He also had dual video cameras set up so he can edit together a fun video to send to Grandpa and Grandma Cole.
The students did a great job and had all the moms in the audience eagerly taking pics with their phones the whole time (me included!)  Great job to Mrs.Gillespie
On the way home we stopped at the store and S. Jason ended up helping these ladies jump start a car. He’s such a good samaritan!


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