Such a great day!

Today was such a great day! It was definitely one of those days that you look at the time and go, “Whoa! How is it 4 o’clock already?!!” That’s how you know it’s been a great day!


First stop after walking Mack to school was to go to Grandma Shirley’s for coffee. I love having this time each week to visit with grandma and my aunts. It’s starts my day off on the right foot 



Loved seeing Grandma’s fall wreath on her door and decorations around the house!


This is my s-hero Martha. She’s the director for the Good Samaritan Center and here she’s showing two ladies from the Harvest Ball Society the hygiene closet on a tour of the building.

The items in the closet are ones not covered through food stamps, but still imperative for individuals to have not just to keep a job or go to school, but to maintain a level of dignity that everyone deserves.


We are now less than a month away from an event we have been planning here in Excelsior Springs called Project Homeless Connect. This one day event will bring immediate services to those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless here in Ray and Clay Counties.

There we will not only be working to find immediate housing for families and individuals who are in this position. We will also be able to offer haircuts, family pictures, a hot meal, and hygiene items thanks to the local donations and volunteers who are giving their time and talent.

If you are interested in being involved, please let me know!


This afternoon I was asked to come to a meeting with some of our most dedicated employees in the district. They are working on ways we can better honor our teachers. When I reached out to the community about it, there was an overwhelming amount of support. We definitely love our teachers here in Excelsior Springs! I’m
excited for all the things to come!


Went to pick up Mackenzie at Art Room withRoberta Hammer and found her finishing up a “sugar skull.” They were listening to Latin American music which was really energetic. Love the cultural appreciation being exposed to her here, under Roberta’s care.


After we ran by Aunt Molly‘s Studio to drop off the list of students who were participating in her painting class. Aunt Molly is partnering with the educational foundation to offer weekly paint classes to the students! She’s also donating 20% of the proceeds back to our foundation! I really appreciate this opportunity for our students and absolutely love working with her in this effort.


On the way to the house I stopped at the post office to mail some surprises out! They are clearly having fun with Fall, which is great to see! I love all those folks there!


Dropped Mackenzie off at play practice. She’s going to be in the Halloween show coming up!! They’ve almost got the new stairs ready for use again!


When I got home, our kind neighbor Edward walked to meet me with a handful of coupons to fun places in the area! Did I mention how much I love living here and all the wonderful people I’m surrounded by? Thank you, Ed!


The usual scene in the evening, as Jason prepares Mackenzie’s favorite: hot dogs w/ mac & cheese!22405585_1719514464727861_5074515004606987138_n

It’s cold so the cat actually came to sleep by me and my electric blanket!! Perfect end to such a great day!!





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