Oh, hello, week! Let’s do this!

Have a good day at school, Mack!

Happy Autumn

Quick trip to Richmond to drop off painting class fliers and found this lonely tree

Stopped back by the coffee shop for a meeting and had a bit of time to plan out my week over a cup of Ethiopia.

My friend Loretta stopped by the Foundation, donating $200 from her Scentsy fundraiser, and hooking me up with an owl warmer! Thanks, Loretta!!

Skeleton Selfie

Stopped by the high school

Dropped in on the rehearsal for the upcoming musical, Willy Wonka

Many of our elementary school students are performing in the production, too!

Picked up Mack from her Practice 5k with Girls on the Run! She and her dad will run a 5k race in Kansas City on Saturday! She’s been working all season up to this point!

She got home and finished getting ready for her piano lessons. She had some extra time, so she decorated the page in Fall doodles

Mack and Sketch

I made us some chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight and Mackenzie rushed to help

Her drawing for the day was made using an old Spirograph

In keeping with tradition, we carved pumpkins on All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween

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