Walk for Hunger

Every year the Good Samaritan Center of Excelsior Springs holds a Tortoise and the Hare 5k Walk and Run in April to help raise funds for the needy in the community. When I was a child, it started as a Hunger Walk. People brought canned goods and then did a walk for the homeless. One year, my mother and I participated in a social experiment after the walk where we slept out on the streets for a night. We couldn’t take anything with us and had to beg for food. It left a lasting impression on me, even though I knew at the end of the night, we got to return to a home and a bed. I could never imagine the mentality and loss of hopelessness that an individual must have without those resources.

This year the race had an artist theme and my Aunt Molly Morgan Roberts was asked to design the medals!

Good Samaritan Center Director Martha Buckman and Caseworker Jen Chappel.

This year’s race was dedicated to Norma Gorsett, who recently passed away. Norma was instrumental in the work that is taking place at the Center and has been for decades. This past year we held an event for the homeless and Norma took it upon herself to organize volunteers that would be needed. On the day of the event, there were over 120 people there to help. This was thanks to her amazing work and passion to help those less fortunate. Ironically, this year’s race featured Norma’s granddaughter, Holly Spencer’s artwork on the front of the shirts. Meant to be!

My friend Samantha Kilgore and her son, Justin, playfully ran their own race after the participants were out of sight. I thought it was cute seeing my friend having so much fun with her son.


Don, Martha, and Jen all worked hard to make the 5k a success for another year. There were a record number of participants this year and we are so glad that the weather decided to cooperate!

My childhood friend Justin Cook and his lovely wife Amy were there to help loosen runner’s muscles so they wouldn’t be in pain!

With the run having an artist theme, there was some nice artwork on display from local artists with the Bohemian Sage Gallery.

Norma Gorsett’s Family, including Holly Spencer on far left, artist whose work is on the shirts

Was really proud of my husband, Jason, who placed third in his age group, despite slowing to run alongside a young girl who was having a hard time on the course so she wouldn’t be alone.

My friend Matt and his daughter Caitlin both placed, making it a fun event for the two of them, I’m sure!

For more information on the Good Samaritan Center or to make a donation to their cause, please visit their website by clicking here!

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