A Day in the Life

“People of the world today, Are we looking for a better way of life, We are a part of the rhythm nation, People of the world unite, Strength in numbers we can get it right, One time, We are a part of the rhythm nation…”

– Janet Jackson

Every Saturday morning Mackenzie has roller derby practice. She’s been so dedicated to it. (Photo by S. Jason)

S. Jason has been letting me sleep in and takes her to Kansas City, Kansas to practice.

I spent the day writing blog posts for this week. I also took time to think ahead on what questions and polls I wanted to do with the community. I’ve got it planned out through the first of December!

They brought home Chipotle for lunch and Sketch was happy with the bag.

S. Jason made us cheeseburgers for dinner.

Mack is having her friend Luna spend the night. They’ve been busy playing games, acting out Barbies, and laughing a lot.

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