A Day in the Life – Sunday

“I hitched a ride with my soul, by the side of the road, just as the sky turned black, I took a walk with my fame, down memory lane, I never did find my way back…” – Oasis

Ready to spend the day getting ready for the week while enjoying peanut butter pancakes and bacon, thanks, Bird!

This is Mackenzie’s sketch of what she wants to do for Halloween this year. She wants to dress up her cats and put them in a clear container while pulling them around with a wagon. I wonder if they would go for that.

The Emery’s always have beautiful flowers in their yard.

Come for a walk with us around the neighborhood.

I’ve had some folks ask me what will happen now to the Hall and Museum. Truth is, not much will change. They’ll continue to hold fundraisers to make improvements where they can.

These footprints have been here my whole life. I used to walk over them when I was her age, too!

Love the progress being done on this building by TNG Construction.

I believe the plan for this building is to remove the top part of the facade. I hope it makes it look better.

I love all of the features that are at the base of each building along Thompson Avenue downtown.

The Rotary organization and students from our Job Corps Center partnered to create two informational displays in our downtown. There’s a map showcasing the downtown business community along the most traveled route from the hotel leading into the downtown. There’s another in front of the Hall of Waters.

The new brewery, Dubious Claims Brewing Company, has been a big hit with the locals.

Does anyone know what building this cornerstone belongs to?

Snack platter Sunday but Jason made Mack and I our favorite, pasta with parmesan. Hope you all have a great week!

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