A Day in the Life – Monday

🎶 I’ve walked these streets

In a spectacle of wealth & poverty

In the diamond market

The scarlet welcome carpet

That they just rolled out for me 🎶

Had a meeting this afternoon at the south campus in Kansas City. We are hosting an Open House for business partners to come for a tour on the 22nd.

I love walking past the milkweed on my way to and from work each day. I almost always get to see a winged creature of some kind busy working away.

Spent the afternoon on the phone calling about 15 students to let them know they are approved for the Job Corps program. My last question among many is if they have any questions. 90% of the time the response I hear is, “When can I start?”

Just some random girl waving goodbye to the neighborhood as she makes her way to the dump!

This evening I had a MU Extension event at Calibration Brewery in North Kansas City. Love what they’ve done to the area!

Where are my Mizzou fans at? I’ve been serving as the Chair for the MU Extension Council in Clay County and have learned so much about this valuable program! There are opportunities for people of all ages to get involved and become better educated in so many things. The Services the council provides the community are extraordinary. I highly suggest you check out their website to learn more about the programming: http://extension.missouri.edu/clay/

As I was heading home the sky overhead was full of rain. I could smell it! Miss that smell!

Tonight at roller derby Mackenzie worked really hard with an instructor. I’m so impressed by the adults leading the teams. They do a good job of working with them to help them succeed.

Tonight Mackenzie passed her speed test to play in the roller derby bout coming up this weekend!!

Um, excuse me, Sketch.

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