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Lani O’Dell’s pet Pandy

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This is Pandy! She is a rescue that Lani got from dogs by Debin back in 2014. She was found down in South Kansas City tied to a tree, super pregnant without any shade, water, or food. A larger shelter in the area came and got her and when they brought her back they were going to euthanize all the puppies inside of her. Because the survival rate in shelters are slim to none, they didn’t want to risk it or mess with taking care of puppies. Then the lady that Lani got her from came in that exact same time to rescue some dogs for her shelter. She saw Pandy and asked what was going on. After being told the situation, she was horrified! She immediately took her home and the next day she gave birth to 10 beautiful humongous puppies! Only one was stillborn but the rest were healthy!

They then brought her and all of her puppies in to Debin’s, where Lani worked as a photographer, taking pictures of all of her dogs. She told me that she needed me to come in and take pictures to document the journey of Pandy and her pups. Lani came in, sat down with her, and Pandy just wanted to be petted and loved. She had her head in Lani’s lap the entire time and Lani knew that she was a special dog.

Within six weeks all the puppies were ready to go and they all found homes, with Pandy being the only one left. In shelters, Pitbull mixes are very common and don’t get adopted easily due to stigma and city laws. Lani spent about 15 minutes with her and knew that she was my dog. She was the most gentle, loving, kindest soul Lani had ever met. She knew she wasn’t for the shelter. So without any hesitation, Lani asked if she could be her foster mom.

“I had already had a cat and a dog in an apartment and had no intention of getting another animal but couldn’t stand knowing that she was in there so she came home with me that day…and never went back,” Lani said. “She’s been my best friend ever since. She is special and could be a therapy dog. She loves all people and kids. She loves all animals and she is truly my ride or die…my light when I need it in the dark. My life is better with her.”

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