A Day in the Life – Tuesday

“Feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane

Your love’s coming down like


Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain

Your love’s coming down like


Happily walked into work in the rain. These flowers were grateful, too!

Rain cleared for a while but by lunchtime it was starting to come down again.

Spent much of my day in the office calling students and putting together information for next week’s meetings and events. I had the pleasure of being introduced to a man who is interested in helping to place our students in his businesses as a work based learning site. I’m meeting so many new people!

When I got back into the car the rain was coming down so hard I felt like I was in the car wash!

This is through the driver’s side window looking toward the West. I was in a complete downpour where I was at, but blue skies on my left!

When I got to the Mug I had to borrow a towel to dry off because I was so drenched. Won’t let a little rain get between me and my Tuesday donut.

Mackenzie drew all of the Tiger Path employees on their white board for fun.

I love this tree, y’all

I could see the late afternoon storm coming our way and left work just in time to get home before it started again.

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