A Day in the Life – Thursday

“I read the news today, oh boy

Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

And though the holes were rather small

They had to count them all

Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall” ~ The Beatles

Shoo’ing me away from taking any pics of her

Shoo’ing me away from taking any pics of her walking in to school 😂

She’s started sleeping in the spot that Sketch likes. Always testing him.

How cool is it when your friend is Mackenzie’s teacher and she sends you a selfie text as a surprise on the first day! Love it! Thanks Dani! Made me feel better seeing her smile! 🙂

Rotary asked me to give the program today, which I happily did! Loved being able to give everyone a townie’s perspective on the place.

Had the Ventana salad because it’s so delish

Literacy KC came to visit campus today and we gave them a full tour of all the trades.

We are talking to Literacy KC about partnering with them to provide additional tutors to our students in the evening at the south campus in Kansas City.

This is Josie. She is a carpentry student at the Center. They’ve been learning how to make crates for practice and I asked her for a pic. I love how proud the students are to share their work with me as I walk around campus. Really enjoy getting to know them more.

My friend Leah was so happy to have her son Tim on campus today. Everywhere we went folks would say, “I recognize you from pictures in your mom’s office!” It brought smiles to both their faces each time.

Love Love Love that our students are partnered with IUPAT District 3!! The painters are definitely some good people!

Loved seeing this sign in my friend Lori’s office 🙂

It was so great to see Tim after all these years. We were in theatre together through high school and had many fun times hanging out.

It rained on our way to the Design iWerx gallery opening

Mackenzie drew portraits for two straight hours. This is our new friend Rachael. She was a big Mack supporter and walked around showing everyone her portrait, telling them to get one, too!

This is our friend Bob Martin! He was kind enough to invite Mackenzie to participate in the opening of his new gallery space. They’re working on another one now in Gladstone! Thanks for all the support you give our area, Bob!

The warehouse space was broken into sections for different artists to build out their work. The opening was very well attended. I learned that there are actually multiple art studios in this one area of North Kansas City.

Mackenzie doing her thing

This evening there was a devastating fire at the house behind us on Kansas City Avenue. There are 8 apartments in that one complex and the House next door had to be evacuated, too. Everyone is safe and their pets are, too. At least three families lost everything, though.

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