A Day in the Life – Wednesday

Well it was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play

He’s been going in and out of style, but he’s guaranteed to raise a smile

So may I introduce to you, the act we’ve known for all these years, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

My kitty comes to find me every morning. She even waits at the window to see me pull the car down the drive. A dedicated friend.

Hey Big Boi

Mister Snail stopped me on my way into work to say hello. Hello, Mister Snail!

There are all kinds of magnificent creatures surrounding us each day.

My friend Chef Chuck made these to-die-for lemon bars. So good!! It’s good to be friends with Chef Chuck.

S. Jason got me these succulents for my office window. When we got married we had a cactus groom’s cake. Everyone walked around the wedding reception with green smiles.

I love how much of a partnership there is between Job Corps and the unions. It’s completely possible for students to graduate the program and then obtain employment paying upwards of $20-30 an hour.

I went for a walk of campus to see what was going on. Students were busy with their projects left and right.

This is Levi. He said I could take his picture. He’s one of the most polite and articulate kids I’ve ever met. Aside from his capabilities in HVAC systems, he also knows the perfect temperature needed to cook a chicken and goes okie noodling on the weekends. I love learning more about each one of the students.

Walking through trades alley to see the Carpenters and Cement Masons hard at work learning safety protocol for the job site.

On my way to the Chamber luncheon this monarch stopped to say hello. Hello, Monarch!

Saw lots of friends at the Excelsior Springs Chamber luncheon! Great programs by both Kristen from the ES Hospital and Lindsey from Talented Tots!

Walked in the rain to return my library books. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I really love that our library is in the Hall right now. Almost every time I’ve gone in, there has been other visitors in there, too. I wonder how many new people it has brought in over the last few months. Really cool.

Our artist was busy today! She starts school tomorrow AND has an art show in KC tomorrow night! 💜 Mackenzie Cole 💜 #mackaday

This was just before she grabbed my hand and decided to give it a bath! Silly kitty!

Mister Grasshopper was busy trying to blend in this afternoon.

Wish I had more time to photograph the insects each day.

This kitten was purring super loud being held by Bird.

Afternoon sky

Mackenzie grabbed both of our hands walking in to the store. I held on until she let go because I know soon she probably won’t grab for my hand. She starts Middle School tomorrow. Middle School!

The Roller Derby Gang

Evening sketches • #mackaday • Mackenzie Cole

Hope you’re having a good week, friends!

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