Dear Courtney – Week of August 6th


Questions I’ve Been Asked The Week of August 6th

• How do you make a donation to the school lunch program?

There has been an account formed under the Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation that provides funding for lunch debts and other student needs. The account is called “Tiger in Need.” Individuals wanting to make a donation are encouraged to reach out to the school district.

• What will happen to the Museum and Hall of Waters now that the Museum tax didn’t pass?

We will move forward with trying to find solutions to fund the renovations that are needed at both locations. The Museum will continue to fundraise just as it always did. The City may look for private businesses to move into the space of the Hall of Waters in order to bring revenue in to cover renovation costs. If the structure is found to be unsafe, it may have to be closed off for pedestrian traffic.

• Can you explain the QT insanity to me?

For the last three years I have heard the citizens of Excelsior Springs cry out in unison for a QT to be opened here. In order to make their voices better heard, a QT campaign was launched. Each day last week the citizens were challenged to make social media posts tagging QT and asking them to come to Excelsior Springs. This was just for fun and didn’t produce very good results, other than the initial announcement that it was happening.

• Can I register my child for school online?

There is an online e-registration that parents can do, but at this point, you will need to reach out to your child’s school. Especially if your child has never attended the Excelsior Springs School District before.

• We found a new, retractable geological chart. Where should we take it?

Donor was encouraged to reach out to the middle school and high school to determine if any teachers would be interested in the maps.

• What’s going in next to Talented Tots?

Thunderbird Electric is going in to the old Feldman’s building. They will have a large lighting showroom and electrical counter. They will stock anything you would need for electrical material, including but not limited to, LED lamps, switches, receptacles, etc. as well as tools. They will have a Grand Opening. Stay tuned!

• What year did the Ball Clinic close?

The Ball Clinic building was closed in 1963. (Hat tip to Brett Vaughn for finding the answer to this!)

• Any info on the new Broadway Toy Store?

The store plans to open around Oct. 15th and will have new toys from infants up! The store is located on Broadway across the street from Bobkorn and Broadway Bar & Grill.

• What did the property off of St. Louis Avenue used to be?

It used to be rental cottages.

• Is any of our water supply from the Springs? 

Our water supply isn’t pulled from the Springs. Each of the Spring wells have been capped by Missouri DNR.

What year did the bottling of our mineral waters end? 

By 1967, the bottling operations had lost $25,000, and the city decided it was time to put the mineral waters behind them. In 2008 there was another attempt at bottling the waters, but the production demands too much to keep up with competition of other, more well-known bottled waters.

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