Day in the Life – Friday

“Stand in the place where you live, Now face north

Think about direction, wonder why you haven’t before

Now stand in the place where you work

Now face west, think about the place where you live

Wonder why you haven’t before”

Mackenzie is having to wake up a lot earlier this year for school. She’s done well in getting out of bed so far but we are glad to be able to sleep in tomorrow.

Meow-mert was in the window sill this morning watching the birds outside in the bushes.

Mackenzie’s morning doodles • #mackaday

Gave Mack some strawberries for breakfast

Mack took a morning selfie to send her dad a smile

This afternoon we had a meeting and gave a tour to the Homebuilders Association. Job Corps currently has a division of the association in our Home Builders Industry trade. We want to strengthen the connection the members of the association has with the skilled students who are looking for employment.

Here James shows the ladies from the Home Builder’s Association a model set up in the classroom to give students practice in framing windows, working with different wall textures, and practicing finishing work.

After work this afternoon I came home and slept for about four hours. I haven’t been feeling good all week. It’s cvs stuff that I almost always get this time of the year. My new medicine that I’m on is definitely working better than any other I have ever taken, but it still might not prevent an episode from happening. My kitten stayed with me the whole time and when I woke up I felt a lot better.

I’m excited to buy this home from my brother soon and start the updates that we have planned for the inside. I want to get a runner to go down these squeaky stairs.

I wanted to go look at the damage from last nights fire at our neighbors house. It was so traumatic of an experience. I’m so grateful that we have individuals willing to dedicate their lives to walking into danger to save others.

Many thanks to Joe Messina for seeing the fire, reporting it to police, and then waking everyone inside to get out when he did. Without his quick actions, there may have been lives lost.

I think that may be smoke damage on the vinyl sticker across the postal service’s mail truck. The fire happened across the alley from the post office, so I’m hoping there is video footage of some kind.

The Colony Plaza

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