5 Things Excelsiorites Want the Community to Know

Our community group gets a LOT of messages sounding off on any particular subject. Many times it is clear that the post has been written while the resident is still upset or angry. We don’t allow folks to sound off or put someone in their place.

The following are messages that have been generalized, taking the emotions out so the point is made.

1. Have a “Stranger Danger” conversation with your kids.

Unfortunately, creeps are everywhere folks, so when your kids are without you, they need to know some things they should do if they feel they are in danger.

I remember my parents and I had a code word that only we knew. If someone else picked me up and didn’t know the code word, I wasn’t to go with them. My code word was rainbow. I was six years old when I chose my code word and I still remember it to this day. That’s how much impact my parents left on me after our “stranger danger” talk.

2. Tell your kids rules of the road when walking to school.

Did you know there’s a proper way of walking if you’re a pedestrian having to walk in the road? You should always walk on the side with oncoming traffic, so you can see what’s coming toward you and they can see you.

This year there are more kids walking to school than in years past. Please talk to your kids about staying out of the road as much as possible and if they do have to walk in the road, to walk on the side with cars coming toward them.

Also, if you’re a parent with these concerns, reach out to the school district because they will follow up with crossing guards and the school.

3. Stop for School Bus Stop Signs

If you are driving and see a school bus with red or yellow lights flashing and a sign out that says stop, you must stop driving. I’ve seen several posts lately concerned because folks aren’t stopping when the bus is unloading kids. That’s against the law and could end tragically.


5. Check the due date on your water bill.

One Excelsiorite believes the due date may have changed on our water bills and moved up. Check your bill to make sure you’ve paid on time. Also, consider setting up automatic withdrawal so you don’t have to worry about missing any!

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