5 More Business Developments in Excelsior Springs


1. Air TV

Opposite of the License Bureau, a group called Air TV is working to move in. AirTV is a cable provider that connects a single antenna with your home Wi-Fi network to seamlessly stream local channels in HD throughout your house, and even outside the home. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

2. It’s $5

These stores have been popping up all over the metro area and now Excelsior Springs has scored one! They buy in bulk returns from places like Amazon and then place them randomly in 50 bins all over the store.

Friday they’re closed to restock the store. If you’re wanting to go when it first opens on Saturday, you’ll have to draw a number. That’s so everyone gets into the store safely. Everything is $5 each on Saturday and Sunday. Monday you get 2 items for $5. Tuesday is 3 items for $5. Then Wednesday is 5 items for $5 and Thursday is 10 items for $5!

My family has already found multiple Christmas gifts and random things we love but would never have bought otherwise. Click here for their Facebook page.

3. Fishing River Market

Where Olde Towne Mall used to be there is a new flea market called the Fishing River Market. I think what I love most, besides the unique finds you’ll find inside, is that they removed the concrete cinder blocks to open the windows all along the front. It completely changes the appearance of Thompson, a street that has had its challenges in ambiance and atmosphere in the past. Definitely check this place out if you’re into antiquing! Ribbon cutting on November 29th! Click here for their Facebook page.

4. Palermo’s Italian Restaurant

The Morina Family have moved to town and have opened an Italian restaurant where the old El Maguey’s was located. They have fresh garlic bread daily and their portion size is amazing! Definitely try the pizza! Click here for their Facebook page.

5. Aldi’s

Everyone’s a buzz about the new Aldi, which is set to open in early 2019. What I love most is that they’re keeping all their current employees and going to be hiring more sometime this winter. Watch for those announcements for when you can apply online. The new store is sure to be more spacious and will be the newest design for Aldi’s nationwide.

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