10 Fav Excelsiorite Pics of Snow

Upon asking Excelsiorites to share their pictures of the snow, I never imagined there would be over 280! Loved seeing everyone’s adventures in our winter wonderland! Below are some of the favorites and top rated pics of the thread. Thanks to all who shared:

Connie Parson says: “My daughter, Haley Parson, took this photo this morning. She specializes in macro photography.”


Angela Liezen-Paul captured this beautiful image in Rocky Hollow…



Michelle Davis posted this one from the snow at night:


Catherine Holman captured a beautiful image of the Hall of Waters in the snow…


Katelyn Curry captured this of an evergreen…


Tracy Stokes shared her picture of a whole family of deer


April Graham’s eye for a good shot is never off



Sherrie Easter McElwee shared a gorgeous image…


And Amanda R. Nelson didn’t disappoint with this great shot…



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