Excelsior Springs Families – The Nave’s

We all know the best thing about Excelsior Springs are the people living in it! That’s why I would like to take time to feature the families of our hometown community! This month is the Nave Family!


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Introduce the members of your family!

Hi everyone! We are the Nave family. Travis, Paulina, Lorenzo, Landon, Ramy, Arianne, and Abel! That’s right, 7 of us hehe. Travis is 37 years old and works as a Foreman for Mead Construction. He is dedicated, hardworking and loves his family. Paulina is 30 and works at Lewis Elementary School while going back to school for her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education. Along with being a mom she enjoys helping kids and seeing them succeed and grow. Lorenzo is 12 and loves video games! He wants to have his own YouTube channel one day. Landon is 11 and loves anything outside! He plays tackle football for ESFA for the past 4 years and hopes to continue. Ramy and Arianne are both 8 years old and love all things girly! They cheer their brother on by being ESFA cheerleaders and love unicorns. Abel is the baby! He is 4 and is definitely your rough and tough boy! He currently loves watching Ryan’s World and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.

How long have you lived in Excelsior Springs?

Travis and the kids since birth, Paulina since age 9.

Why does your family love living in Excelsior Springs?

We love the hometown feels that Excelsior springs gives, everyone is so kind and caring of others, We love the growth of our town and how beautiful it has always been. And of course our Tiger football, GO TIGERS!

What is your family’s favorite hometown tradition and why?

Our favorite family hometown tradition is the Christmas parade! We are lovers of Christmas and the spirit of giving the everyone has during this time. We also go every year to pick our family Christmas tree. We go the day after Thanksgiving, at the Christmas tree farm here in Excelsior Springs, near Rocky Hollow.

What types of community activities are you involved in?

Our children play every Parks and Rec sport you could think of, along with being involved in the fun summer activities for the littles, ESFA football and cheer. We would love to get more involved!

Tell us about your pets, if you have any!!

We have two dogs and a cat. Teddy, a toy mini poodle, Shih Tzu mix. He is about 6 pounds and full of energy! Rich is a Blue Heeler and definitely loves to lead the herd. He dictates where you want to go! Cozmo is our kitty. We adopted him from Excelsior Springs Animal Hospital five years ago. He likes to hangout inside but loves when he goes outside.

If you have family/friends come visit, what do you like to take them to do?

I love going downtown to all the beautiful shops our town has acquired. This would be a go to spot, along with the amazing restaurants we have, Wabash, Ventana, and El-Mags! We also have some beautiful walking trails. We, as a family, love to walk so these would be top of the list.

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