Excelsior Springs Families – The Blevin’s

We all know the best thing about Excelsior Springs are the people living in it! That’s why I would like to take time to feature the families of our hometown community! This month is the Blevins Family!


Introduce the members of your family!

Jeremy, Laura, Joshua (age 7), Rachel (age 5), Noah (age 2) and Lucy our adorable golden retriever.
Jeremy and I met in seminary and have been together ever since. We got married in 2009 and we truly enjoy each other’s company and are still best friends.

Joshua is in 2nd grade at Westview and is a kind, funny and sweet soul. He’s always looking out for others and has a bit of an ornery streak as well (he gets that from his dad). He loves baseball and playing beyblades.

Rachel started kindergarten this year and she’s our fun, sweet, fierce girl. She sees the beauty of the world and people in it. She loves playing soccer and with her LOL’s.

Noah is the baby, though he isn’t really the baby anymore! He is kind and sweet like his siblings, and also stubborn and hilarious like his mom. He loves all animals and especially our dog Lucy.

How long have you lived in Excelsior Springs?

We’ve only lived here since last summer, but I have been the Pastor at First United Methodist Church since 2015.

Why does your family love living in Excelsior Springs?

One of the things I love the most about this community is that you don’t have to be from Excelsior Springs to be accepted. As a pastor who has lived in different communities, I’ve noticed that many places are not open to outsiders. Excelsior Springs isn’t like that at all! We have been welcomed from the first day we arrived!
I love the enthusiasm that the people here have for the town. The hospitality and the welcoming nature of the people here is incredible. We love our church, our community, and the school district!

What is your family’s favorite hometown tradition and why?

We love all the festivals and events the town has to offer. Waterfest, the Elf Factory and the Lane of Lights just to name a few.

What types of community activities are you involved in?

I’m a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board, PAWS at Westview Elementary, Excelsior Springs Education Foundation. I’m also involved with the Good Samaritan Center and Meet the Need.

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Tell us about your pets, if you have any!!

Lucy Jo Christine Blevins is our very sweet and protective Golden Retriever. She likes to bark at anyone walking or driving by to make sure people know she’s protecting her babies (Joshua, Rachel and Noah). She also is currently getting harassed by a neighborhood cat who will walk the parameter of the yard by the fence where she can’t get to her. Oh and she has an obsession with bread.

If you have family/friends come visit, what do you like to take them to do?

We love taking people to the downtown area. The shops and restaurants are amazing. Usually we will take family and friends on a tour of eating and make sure we hit all the highlights: Willow Spring, Ventana, Palmero’s and Dubious Claims (just to name a few). Oh and Wabash. Goodness we love Wabash!!

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