Excelsior Springs Family Feature: The Haddocks

We all know the best thing about Excelsior Springs are the people living in it! That’s why I would like to take time to feature the families of our hometown community! This month is the Haddock Family!


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Introduce the members of your family!

Greg, Kela, Gaige, and Adie Haddock

How long have you lived in Excelsior Springs?

36 almost 37 years!!!

Why does your family love living in Excelsior Springs?

This is where we both grew up. We love the community and showing our kids what it’s like to love and appreciate where you came from! Greg and I both actually went to the same Elementary School so we have known each other almost our entire lives!

What is your family’s favorite hometown tradition and why?

We love Homecoming!!! I mean who doesn’t!!! Seeing all the black and gold in the streets. Showing the support for our schools and kids. The smiling faces, seeing friends and family and faces you haven’t seen in ages!!! Always such a fun and proud time to be a Tiger!

What types of community activities are you involved in?

We are members of the Elks Lodge and I am the Vice President of SOS at Elkhorn which is our parent group.

Tell us about your pets, if you have any!!

We have 2 dogs Tina a Lhasa Apso and Oscar a Morkie. We sadly lost our Ike over the summer.

If you have family/friends come visit, what do you like to take them to do?

We love to hang out at Dubious Claims. Such a fun atmosphere and great food!!!!

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