Ms. Calvin’s Coronavirus Challenge for All Ages

Ms. Calvin's Community Challenge

My daughter’s English teacher, Gina Calvin, contacted me yesterday. The teachers in our school district have ended up spending their Spring Break adapting lesson plans so they can teach their students virtually this coming week. The same goes for teachers across the country. But Ms. Calvin wanted to do something special with her lesson plans and use it as an opportunity to teach her students how to give back in a meaningful way. Below are the suggestions that she has offered for her students to participate in while they’re quarantined. But Ms. Calvin encourages adults to participate in this challenge, too! Here’s her list:

Spreading Joy Through Gifts of Writing –
A Community Writing Project

MENU – Choose one from each category. Write as many as you choose! Have your siblings or family members write some as well!


*Nursing Staff Member at Excelsior Springs Hospital

*Patient at Excelsior Springs Hospital

*Nursing Staff at Excelsior Springs Nursing and Rehabilitation

*Dietary Staff at Excelsior Springs Nursing and Rehabilitation

*Resident at Excelsior Springs Nursing and Rehabilitation 

What to Write:

*Short story you have written for a patient to illustrate

*Short story you have written and illustrated

*Thank you card/note for a staff member


*Thank you note in the form of a poem

*Letter introducing yourself and wishing a patient well

*Letter introducing yourself and thanking a staff member

*Artwork (Pictures, Drawings, Illustrations, etc.)


*Crossword, Word Search, or Hangman Puzzles (choose words with positive connotations.)

*Any other “gifts of words” you discover in your brainstorming (I would love to hear your ideas!)

Method of delivery:

*Drop off in box at 518 Elms Blvd in Excelsior Springs (Postage will be provided, if needed.)

*Enclose in a postage-stamped envelope and mail directly (See addresses below.)


Excelsior Springs Nursing and Rehabilitation
1003 Meadowlark Lane
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Excelsior Springs Hospital
1700 Rainbow Blvd.
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Example of envelope if mailing directly:

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 1.16.34 AM


Special thanks to Mary, the Administrator at the Nursing and Rehab Center, who says that patients are in lockdown mode and would love the communication! Thanks for taking time to brighten someone’s day!

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