Excelsior Springs Family Raising Funds for Medical Costs

Allan with his daughter, Cadi
Allan with his daughter, Cadi

Using a reference to the Bible’s Cain and Abel story, My Brother’s Keeper is the name of the campaign that sister Cherish O’Dell has established to help her brother, Allan, who is suffering from critical seizures. Like many families, a Gofundme account has been set up, but Cherish has creatively been trying other methods to raise the funds needed to cover the medical costs and living costs of her brother and his young daughter.

“I’m really trying hard to get him the help he needs,” said Cherish. “He is able to work part time, for only four hours a day, three days a week, per doctor’s orders, so he’s unable to get insurance through work. Because he works, this also makes him ineligible for resources that are offered by charities and churches.”

In order to raise the money needed to cover the medical costs, Cherish has started offering the following for sale:

  • Face Masks for COVID-19


  • Reusable toilet paper

    IMG_6530 2

  • Therapeutic corn sacks


  • Easter Egg Your Yard 

    IMG_6528 2

Allan’s story was recently featured on Fox 4 News in Kansas City and his sister says that it has even reached Belgium in the United Kingdom (see links for coverage below). Here’s Allan in his own words:

Donors are welcome to make a purchase for the items that Cherish is selling or you can even submit a donation in any amount by clicking here.

Here’s the story that appeared on Fox 4 News Kansas City on March 27th:


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