Join Us in ES Homeless Coalition Efforts


Woods Memorial Christian Church downtown has set a tub on their porch with clothes and food for homeless in the area to access and get something if they need it in an emergency. This church has been so active in finding solutions for our local homeless and deserve to be recognized. Recently, in partnership with the Good Samaritan Center, the church has begun a laundry program for those in need. I don’t believe it is currently operating due to the virus, but check with the Center if it is something that could help you.

In February there was a physical count of our local homeless population by the Center and some devoted volunteers. This is what they found:

21 of the households were couch surfing

13 were on the street and in abandoned buildings

3 lived in a hotel

and 7 were in a car, camper or tent

The Good Sam Center is working on a way to offer daily meals for the local homeless. We estimate that there would be around 10-15 individuals who may be in need. If you would like to continue receiving updates regarding our homeless or families in need, please sign up at this link:

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