6 Excelsior Springs Parks and Trails to Visit


Now that we all have a little more time on our hands, it’s nice that it’s Spring and we can start enjoying the outdoors! In Excelsior Springs, we are completely spoiled, because there are so many beautiful parks and trails! Thought I would put together a list of them for you to explore. Just be sure that if you get to the trail and there are a ton of people, you might come at another time. (Note: Playgrounds are currently closed due to the virus!)

1. Rainbow Trail

Photo thanks to ES Parks and Rec
Photo thanks to ES Parks and Rec

One of our newer trails here in town, the Rainbow Trail is located along 69 Highway between ES Hospital and Wornall on the West side of town.

2. Siloam Mountain Trail


Siloam Mountain is a 25 acre park, high on the hill, overlooking our little valley. You may have seen the cross on the hill, and that would be Siloam Mountain Park. Along the hillsides, hidden in the trees, is Siloam Mountain Trail. It is just off of Garland Avenue on the East side of town and is 0.8 miles long.

3. Isley Park Woods

Isley Park Woods gives you two trails, one that is dirt and one that is through the woods along Lovers Lane. If you have a pup, there’s even a water fountain for dogs by the shelter houses.

4. Fox Crossing Trail

Picture thanks to esparksrec.com
Picture thanks to esparksrec.com

Fox Crossing Trail is a mulch trail at Eddie Raper Park, located on Orrick and Seybold Roads.

5. Fishing River Linear Park

The Fishing River Linear Park runs parallel to the Fishing River. There are points on the trail that you can access the banks of the stream. Be sure to watch for the turkey vultures flying high in the early evening hours! Also look for the Siloam Pagoda, where water was once distributed!

6. Downtown Trail

46B134DD-BB54-4EA4-836F-2D1120CAD968The downtown trail is located right next to the Oaks Apartments and Police Station downtown. It runs into Fishing Linear Trail. I would suggest continuing your walk through the downtown. You can window shop along the way!

Bonus: ES Community Center Trails

The Excelsior Springs Community Center is committed to strengthening the health of all our citizens. Parks and Rec has put together four trail maps starting at the Center for you to try! Click here to view them!

Click here for more great information on our parks and trails, visit the Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation Website at esparksrec.com 

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