Things To Do Locally While in Quarantine


There’s always something going on in Excelsior Springs and it appears many won’t let a quarantine stop them from providing entertainment for the community! Below are some of the things to watch for to keep yourself busy in this downtime!

Excelsior Springs Community Center

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The fitness instructors at the Excelsior Springs Community Center have been going out of their way to continue providing opportunities for health and workouts! Check out their Facebook Page to see all the exciting activities that are going on!!

Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation

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The Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation has been amazing with the different activities that they’ve been offering the past few weeks. They’ve got Mario Kart Monday, Trivia Tuesday, Walk It Out Wednesday, and Fornite Fridays taking place on their Facebook Page each week! Click here for the fun!

Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce

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The Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce is going above and beyond to be of support to the businesses and community in this time. Yesterday they partnered with Sonic to deliver meals to kids all over the City with the Easter Bunny on the Chamber Trolley! They’re also offering a Virtual Lunch with Leaders coming up!  Click here for the details!

Scissors and Shears

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Kalyn Goode is bringing good will to the community again by offering a storytime on her Facebook Page! She’s got several that are already posted, click here to check them out!

Excelsior Springs School District

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Be sure to check out our Excelsior Springs School District schools for story read alongs, fitness challenges, virtual spirit days, resources for online learning, and more! They’ve been a great system of support to the students despite the distance!

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