Ways to Help Excelsiorites During COVID-19


Excelsior Springs is a very giving community and if we are made aware of a need, there is always someone there to meet it! That’s what I think makes us different from other communities. Despite it being a pretty good sized town (11,500 population!), we do still have that small town feel. There are many people who have been wondering how they can help and give back during this challenging time. Below are the opportunities that I’m aware of. If you have one you would like to be added, just let me know!

Good Samaritan Center of Excelsior Springs


The Good Samaritan Center is distributing food pantry boxes each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-2pm. There are approximately 40 families that are coming to ask for help each time they distribute. There are a lot of people that are out of work in our area and are struggling to make ends meet. The Center approximates that each box is worth $50 of goods that are given. If you would be willing to sponsor a family at $50 or 2 at $100, the Center would be appreciative. The Center is able to buy products for cost, stretching the money that is donated to them. They are currently helping local citizens with housing, utilities, food, and hygiene products. Click here to make a donation on their website.

Shop Local, Shop Small


Our Small Business Community is suffering right now. Business owners are doing what they can to try and make sales virtually using social media, but overall, they’re all struggling. The Downtown Excelsior Partnership and the Excelsior Springs Chamber are doing what they can to help and have made a page that features businesses that are currently operating. Click here to visit and purchase their products and goods to help keep our small businesses doors open through this time.¬†

Donate to Local Business Grant Program


The Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce has done a great job of collecting resources for local businesses to benefit from federal and state opportunities. Now they’ve gone above and beyond by putting together a small business grant fund to allow community businesses funding to help with their overhead during this difficult time. Make a donation to the Chamber for this effort as a way to immediately give back! Click here for more information!

Buy a Local T-Shirt


The Chamber has put together these benefit t-shirts! They’re asking $20 each, with all proceeds going to help our local business community! There are a bunch of colors that you can choose from. Click here to shop online now!

Make Masks


Many locals have been working on making homemade masks after the CDC has started advising all people to wear them when going out. There are many patterns that can be found online. If you’re able and have materials, please consider making them. Feel free to drop them to me and I will get them to where they are needed!

Stay Home & Pray

One of the cheapest and easiest things that we can do to help right now is just to stay home and give prayers for those that are needed. Do your best to stay optimistic and keep a smile on your face. Reach out to those who you know are going through this alone or have had a sudden loss. It’s a difficult time for those losing people to the virus, but also for those who are losing loved ones from natural causes, too. While we may be unable to gather for funerals, consider sending a bouquet to lift spirits of those who are mourning. Join local church services via Facebook, where many are broadcasting services to their congregations.

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