Local News Headlines – Week of May 25th


District Makes Case for Proposition T – ES Standard

The Excelsior Springs School District of Clay and Ray counties has made a good case for voters to approve Proposition T, a tax issue that would not …

ESFD responds to alarm at high school – ES Standard

Overheating exhaust fans set off alarms that brought the ESFD to the Excelsior Springs High School Monday evening.

At approximately 8 p.m., fire trucks from Excelsior Springs and Kearney arrived on the scene of the high school and found smoke coming from the school’s Family and Consumer Science room. They discovered exhaust fans over the stoves were left on and were overheating. The heat melted some of the plastic covering around the fans that created the smoke.

A Reckless Pledge – ES Standard

Missouri lawmakers’ failure once again, as in years past, to require out-of-state online stores to pay sales tax is a detriment to Missouri businesses and residents.

Veteran asks: What does Memorial Day mean? – ES Standard

Honoring the fallen in battle is not a recent practice. In fact, remembrance of soldiers and loved ones dates back thousands of years. Greeks and Romans gathered at gravesites with flowers and held festivals and feasts in their honor.

Importance of Mo. Medicaid expansion grows – ES Standard

As a primary care doctor, I cringe when I am paged on-call at 2 a.m. by a patient with chest pain who won’t go to the emergency department because of lack of insurance.

Virus reminder of need for flexible time off – ES Standard

The growing threat from the coronavirus is a stark reminder of how America’s failure to give workers the flexibility to take paid time off puts public health at risk.

Support Medicaid expansion on ballot – ES Standard

Over 100,000 children have callously been thrown off Medicaid in the past two years, and 127,000 adult Missourians, creating a public health crisis due to Missouri’s legislative inaction.


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