Inside the Black Lives Matter Rally in Excelsior Springs

Today was a gift. Under the beautiful sky, in a beloved hometown park, I was able to stand with fellow Excelsior Springs citizens in support of our black and minority community. Standing among roughly 50 other individuals of all colors, it was an experience I will never forget. For every vehicle that drove past giving us the finger or revving their engines loudly in protest, there were five others honking and cheering in solidarity.

There were many there with signs that spoke to the Black Lives Matter movement that is happening all across the world right now:

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There were 15 testimonies that were given throughout the two hour timeframe:

Today was one of those days that makes an imprint on you, that leaves you changed. It wasn’t until today that I had ever heard the testimonies of hardships that our black neighbors have had to endure. It was important for me today just to be there to listen, and document the experience, in hopes that you could get something from it all, too. I have faith that given the good hearts of those who live in Excelsior Springs, we can give them the support they deserve to be recognized and heard in our community.

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