Food Trucks in ES Draw Hundreds

This week there were two food trucks that opened up shop here in Excelsior Springs with enthusiastic results! There were several citizens voicing their support for bringing in food trucks on a more regular basis. While we always want to encourage people to “Buy Local” first, the idea of having a revolving, unique food experience once in a while certainly can’t hurt!

On Sunday, June 7th, Lip Smackin’ BBQ opened up at the BP gas station in Wood Heights. They’re a local family that plans to open up mainly on weekends. They have a Facebook group that you can follow for a schedule, click here to see!

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On Friday, June 12th the On the Hook food truck set up shop in the Orschelen’s parking lot from 11am-7pm and had a line all day!

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We were told that they had originally planned for 200 meals. By midday, they were already running out of food and had to bring in more. They estimated having sold anywhere between 400-500 meals on that one day! You can follow On the Hook on Facebook, where they’ll be popping up in areas around the metro.

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