Excelsior Auction is Newest Business in Town

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In May, Excelsior Springs’ newest business, the Excelsior Auction Company, launched a website and held its first live auction downtown at the Montgomery Event Venue. Unlike most auctions, the Excelsior Auction Company primarily specializes in coins and will offer other niche items, such as their newest, a pocket watch auction. By specializing, owners Larry Janacaro and Troy Snelling, offer their clients better quality service.



With a total of 60 years numismatic experience, Larry Janacaro is a life member (#4338) of the American Numismatic Association. Founded in 1891, the numismatic association is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect coins. Larry has 7 years experience in coin auction cataloging, but also comes to the business with 50 years of banking experience, where he’s served as a vice-president, trust officer, and CEO of numerous banks in Missouri, including 23 years as President of Lawson Bank. He has also served his community actively through the Knights of Columbus.



snelling_troyJoining Larry is Troy Snelling, who serves as auctioneer for the company. He graduated from the Missouri Auction School at the age of 16 and is a lifelong resident of Excelsior Springs. For the last 27 years Troy has been in the classroom, teaching classical History, Philosophy and Western Civilization at Park Hill High School in Kansas City, Missouri. Currently serving as Vice President of the Excelsior Springs Board of Education, he has spent a lifetime involved in his community. He’s worked part time in the auctioneering business since 1982. Since childhood Troy has been an avid numismatist and is currently specializing in US National Bank Notes, ancient coins, and the coins and banknotes of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.



Using a combination of offering both an online and live auction, Excelsior Auction Company offers a way for all buyers to get in on the bidding process. On their website, ExcelsiorAuction.com, buyers can view lots in current auctions, get details on upcoming auctions, and even offer coins for upcoming auctions, as well. Live auctions will be held downtown at the Montgomery Event Venue. Current auctions include a coin auction with a live event on July 1st and a watch collection, online only, set to end July 8th. You can find Excelsior Auction Company on both Facebook and Instagram to continue staying updated.



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