Fireworks: Where to Buy Them, See Them, and Local Laws Regarding Them


We’ve only a week to go before celebrating our nation’s Independence Day and that means fireworks are in full order! Lucky for us, there are several places that you can go and purchase fireworks, that will go back to support local families running them! Here’s a run down of places to purchase them, see them, and local laws regarding them, so you’re in the know!

Where to Buy Fireworks


The McLaughlin Family with R Mac’s Fireworks has two stands, one in Wood Heights at the BP Gas Station and the other in Excelsior Springs in the Thunderbird Electric parking lot. This local family also donates a portion of their proceeds back to the Excelsior Springs School District to help students with Back to School supply costs each year.

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Freedom Fireworks is another family business that has set up their fireworks shop in the parking lot of Roberts Robinson Chevrolet. They are offering Gender Reveal fireworks, for all those planning to make an announcement soon!


Not too far down the road is Penguin Pyro with their fireworks stand set up in a She Shed that Kelli Easley manages in Lawson! You can find her She Shed at 17324 Heidi Ave, Lawson, MO. They held a demo night of their fireworks Saturday night and I caught footage of the finale for you all to check out:

Where to See Fireworks


Here’s a list of other area shows that you could plan for that was published in an KMBC 9 News online article:

Harrisonville Hometown 4th of July Celebration

When: Dusk, July 4th
What: Due to COVID-19, the annual celebration will look different with the fireworks display only. The City said it will have social distancing recommendations in place and encourage guests to take safety measures they feel necessary.
Where: Harrisonville City Park, 706 Ash St, Harrisonville, MO 64701

Oak Grove Fireworks Display

When: 10pm, July 4th
What: The display will take place at the highest point of Bent Oak Park, and residents are encouraged to watch from their home or from somewhere in town while maintaining a safe social distance. The gates to the park will not be open.
Where: Bent Oak Park, 1300 Southeast 30th St, Oak Grove, MO 64075

Pleasant Hill Family Fireworks Spectacular

When: 9-9:30pm, July 4th
What: City’s annual fireworks display. The city says you can bring your lawn chairs or stay in your car, but it is requesting people to maintain a safe social distance from people not in your household.
Where: Skyline Field, 1306-1398 E. Myrtle St, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

Smithville/Clay County Fireworks Display

Where: 7-10pm, July 4th
What: Clay County and Smithville have teamed up for the fireworks display at Smithville Lake Dam, Missouri Highway DD and Litton Way. Festivities take place at the north end of the dam and you can view the fireworks at the marina, by boat or at Smith’s Fork Park.
Where: 1610 County Road DD, Smithville, MO 64089

Celebrate America Fireworks Show Worlds of Fun

Where: 9:30pm, July inside the amusement park
What: The Celebrate America Fireworks show sets the night sky ablaze in one of Kansas City’s most impressive displays of patriotic fanfare. Enjoy the enthralling radiant bursts and brilliant shimmers complemented by an all-American soundtrack.
Cost: Ticket to park required

Local Laws Regarding Fireworks

Just a few years ago, the City Council made it legal for residents to shoot fireworks in city limits, but only during a limited timeframe: 10am-10pm, each day during the period of June 28th to July 2nd and on July 5th. From 10am-11pm each day on July 3th and July 4th. Here’s the exact code that can be found with all city codes at 

[Ord. No. 17-02-08 § 1, 2-21-2017]

No person shall within the City sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, use, possess, discharge or explode any form of fireworks except as follows:

It shall be unlawful for any person to use or discharge any “bottle rockets” or “sky lanterns” as defined in Section 660.010, within any part of the City.

It shall be unlawful for any person to use, ignite or discharge any fireworks within any part of the City when the Fire Chief has determined that open burning is prohibited due to atmospheric conditions or local circumstances.

It shall be unlawful for any person to use, ignite or discharge any fireworks within any of the following areas in the City:

Within twenty-five (25) feet of any building or structure.

Within six hundred (600) feet of any church, hospital, medical facility, asylum, public school, library or day care facility or within three hundred (300) feet of a structure, stand or tent where fireworks are stored, sold or offered for sale.

Within or throw the same from a motor vehicle, or place or throw the same into or at a motor vehicle, or at or near any person or group of people.

Within three hundred (300) feet of any gasoline pump, gasoline filling station or any non-permanent structure where fireworks are stored, sold or offered for sale; or within three hundred (300) feet of any structure which is marked according to the National Fire Protection Association’s Hazardous Material Identification System as “flammable” or “water reactive.”

1.4G Fireworks may only be used, ignited and/or discharged on private property with the permission of the landowner.

1.4G Fireworks may only be used, ignited and/or discharged by persons sixteen (16) years of age or older, unless the person is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

1.4G Fireworks may only be used, ignited and/or discharged at the following times:

From 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. each day during the period of June twenty-eighth (28th) to July second (2nd) and on July fifth (5th); and

From 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. each day on July third (3rd) and July fourth (4th).

Any person who violates any provision of this Section shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined a sum of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00), or by imprisonment in the City Jail for a term not exceeding ninety (90) days, or by both such fine and such imprisonment. Each instance of unlawful use or discharge shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punishable as such hereunder.

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