Tiger Alum Opens First Resort Chiropractic



Without letting a pandemic get in the way, Katie Willimetz, DC, has opened her chiropractic, First Resort, in the Vintage Plaza Shopping District of Excelsior Springs. Joining her in the office is her mother, Dana Dykes, who recently retired and is now giving her time to helping with the practice, and Jessica Jennings, who in September will be offering massage therapy. The women owned and operated business just opened their doors a month ago and are already meeting their goals.

Dr. Willimetz graduated from Excelsior Springs High School in 2012 and enrolled in Park University where she earned her Athletic Sports Medicine degree in 2016. She then began studying chiropractic at Cleveland University – Kansas City, in Overland Park, where she earned her Chiropractic degree just this April. By July, Dr. Willimetz had opened her chiropractic space and was beginning her professional practice.

“I’ve already hit my short term goals for the first month in two days, so I know I’m going to need to adjust. I’m already close to my six month goal due to the support,” Dr. Willimetz said. “I plan to stay in my current space for at least another 5 years. My long term goals are to move to a space that will allow me to expand the practice into a full health clinic.”

While Jennings will provide massage therapy, Dr. Willimetz is also exploring the possibility of bringing in a nutritionist at some point. She also plans to offer supplements and other products that promote good health.

“Since I was 12 I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor, and I knew I wanted my practice to be here,” said Dr. Willimetz.

In addition to the goals that she’s reaching in her professional life, Dr. Willimetz is also experiencing change at home, as she and her husband, Kurtis welcomed their son Kessler to the world in May. She says the greatest thing about opening her practice in Excelsior Springs is that she no longer has a commute, as she’s only 12 minutes now from home.

Word of mouth has brought the most business in for Dr. Willimetz initially. By offering $15 sports physicals for local youth who are heading into school, she’s kept her schedule full. If you are interested in getting a physical done or need general chiropractic work, reach out to the First Resort office by calling 816-490-6961 or visiting the Facebook page at facebook.com/DrWillimetz/.

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  2. I have been getting massages for years. Just moved here to ES and went and seen Jessica and she gave me a 90 minute massage. WOW,, Please give her a chance and I would bet your pay check, ok just a beer on it.
    I have already scheduled !!!

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