10 Kevin Morgan Photos from around Excelsior Springs

Kevin Morgan has been shooting photos of this area and life around Excelsior Springs for over 40 years, at least. His eye captures life around us and makes us appreciate its beauty. His way of capturing nature is almost like he’s working in partnership with the animals. I kid Dad that when animals see him they say, “Hey, Kevin! Be sure to get this!” In reality I know that capturing those brief moments of magic comes from having patience, knowing where to look, and what not to do to scare the wildlife. Below are 10 of some of his most recent captures that leave me in awe:

KM1 KM2 KM3 KM4 KM5 KM6 KM7 KM8 KM9 KM10

Follow Kevin’s work on Facebook by clicking here! You can also message and ask him to make prints of his work for you to purchase! Makes a great Christmas present!

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