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Born and raised in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, Courtney currently serves as the Business Community Liaison for the Excelsior Springs Job Corps. When not working, Courtney can usually be found out and about taking photographs and sharing what she sees on social media.

Past work has provided her the following skills to offer for hire:

– Public Speaking

– Photography

– Digital Content Creation and Management

– Social Media Marketing

– Fundraising

– Consulting for Small Business and Non-Profits

– Transcriptions

– Website Design

– Event Planning

– In-depth Issue-Based Campaign Management

– Workshops on a Variety of Topics

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for your blogging Courtney. I’m living with CVS myself. Dr. Venkatesan diagnosed me with pediatric onset buty vomiting episodes didn’t start until I was 19. The anniversary of my first ER visit will be 12 years next month. As I fought a migraine tonight, I feared what it could mean for tomorrow. ‘Am I using up too much energy, should I just go to sleep… Should I call off work tomorrow even though I’m not puking yet?’ Things I’m sure you’ve been through. This is hard. Thank you for helping to spread awareness.

    1. Yes, Lezli! You are not alone! I have had all of those thoughts run through my head at some point in time or another. Often, I feel like I can beat it or in some way prevent it from getting me, but am coming to find, that it doesn’t work that way. It’s hard to accept that I have a chronic illness. I’m determined to not let it swallow me whole! Thanks for your kind words.

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